BioShock: Rapture vs. Columbia

With the recent footage and information of BioShock Infinite finding its way to Game Informer and the rest gaming world, the new direction in the series certainly has many fans of its two predecessors talking. The dark, twisted corridors of Rapture, the underwater city that set the stage for both BioShock and BioShock 2, have been removed by developer Irrational Games in favor of a city in the sky, Columbia......

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Quagmire3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Give gamers Rapture, they bitch about Milking, give gamers Columbia, they bitch about use of Bioshock name.

ExplosionSauce3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I prefer Columbia over Rapture the second time around. Bio 2 just felt a little dull compared to the first, giving me the feeling that I had been there before the whole time.
So Infinite looks like a good change for me.