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Dedicated To Gamers gets hand on with SCE Japan Studio's Playstation Move puzzle game 'Tumble' that involves stacking blocks to extraordinary heights. Does it rise to the top or come crashing to the ground?

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SeanRL4516d ago

They make some good points, though for $10, I think this game is a steal. Score is a little harsh.

MrMccormo4516d ago

Eh, I think the score is fair. Tumble is little more than a tech demo, really, and it's also a blatant Boom Blox knockoff.

dead_eye4516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

i think the scores wrong. if you play the game to the end then you'll know that new things keep on getting introduced.

@MrMccoromo i don't remember any building in boom blox. i don't even remember any real accuracy needed in it either.

some of the points they make are stupid like the force restarts when a block falls off.
Well you failed if you don't get punished whats the point..

edit. love how the article contradicts itself all the way through.

side note think i got out of bed on the wrong side today

ok just read some more of the review and they say the game never tests you unless you want a gold medal. why oh why are they reviewing games. do they think people don't want gold medals.

Baba19064516d ago

i love this game cant see how this can get a 2.5.

rekof4516d ago

and it is 10 dollars,.. This game is a steal,.. and it is fun !

user83971444516d ago

this game is very complex but fun.

Bathyj4516d ago

Yeah I really think you should take into account the cost of the game. Tumble isnt trying to be anything its not. To complain that nothing "wows" you is a bit unfair as it does what its supposed to do, show the Move off.

ThePlaystation3guy4516d ago

SuperMassive Games made this game. SCEE is the major publisher, NOT SCEJ, lol.

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