NGG: White Knight Chronicles review

Justin Robson of NGG writes: "Let me start this review by stating simply, I would not know the ass-end of a JRPG. This is a good and a bad thing; I'm able to give a fresh perspective on a VERY well established genre, but at the same time, I might come across as completely clueless. So I hope you can forgive any inconsistencies that might pop up..."

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FENDR3773d ago

someone doesn't know how to play JRPG's

Lovable3773d ago

Yes and he honestly admitted it.

"If you're like me and you feel alienated from anything remotely relating to Japanese culture, save yourself the hassle"

Grandmasterstash3773d ago

Good point. Some honesty in game reviews is refreshing.

mastiffchild3772d ago

Well, honesty MIGHT be refreshing but ignorance? Not so muc. I know sod all about most RTS games cdfos I don't really l;ike them-would I be the right person to write reviews for them? No, no I wouldn't. I('d have no frame of reference and no way of knowing if it's a good or a crap one and would likely come away having had zero fun and knocking the game-pointless.

Now, if this was a review for people who hate Japan then I suppose it might have SOME point but as it really isn't and people who don't like Japanese culture wouldn't care about a jrpg anyway I'm struggling to see this as anything but a bit daft and devoid of any reason whatsoever.

Sure, he was honest but it doesn't mean he should have been doing the review because he doesn't like the culture(so will hate the game and mark it down) and doesn't have any other jrpg knowledge to compare it to. He doesn't have the inclination or the tools to make a decent fist of his review so it's unfair on him, the game and the genre.

I'm personally, at the stage where turn based com,bat does my he3ad in a bit-I feel tech is at the point where it shouldn't be necessary to suspend belief and have these silly "it's your go now" moments in combat. There has to be a better way to keep both old fans of the genre and newcomers alike happy. Sure, stop in battle to make the odd strategic change but don't make it rigid turn based and don't make it "press X to win" action either. Is it too much to hope for that a jrpg might come along that rewards hand eye as well as brain skills? I think the answer might lie in a plethora of difficulty settings with dynamic pauses(that get shorter as the diff goes up) for your strategic moments AND actual dodging, real time casting and action that actually needs both skill and thought. It won't happen, though, as even Vs looks tro have the idiotic, if short bterm fun, of the basic KH system which leans towards the "pr54ess...2 end of the spectrum for me-hope they really mix it up, though, as there IS hope if they do.

WildArmed3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

hey.. i got a great idea.
I hate opera ( ) but I'll go give a honest review about it..

I can't possible see what can go wrong here! :)

While WKC is far from perfect, the online community and game-play makes up for majority of the flaws.
Because a game is not the sum of it's flaws. I find it sad that some people forget that.

cliffbo3772d ago

why is this guy even reviewing this game if he doesn't even like the genre.

SillySundae3772d ago

How do you review something you are alienated on?

UP3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Yea that is like a person who hates action movies reviewing action movies. Yea that should not be allowed in my opinion.

maruyuki3772d ago

its like, im just going to review this to prove i can give it a bad score.

and even so

for me im horrible at fighting games, and i honestly cant get into them.

but am i going to give street fighter 4 a 3/10 just because im not into the game genre? no

Eddie201013772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

If this person knows nothing about JRPG's and does not like them he probably should not be reviewing them in the first place.

This game has been out for sometime why is it reviewed now and showing up on N4G.

Mit3772d ago

I was just about to buy something for my ps3.........and it was going to be this no lie...Ugh pass.

Mit3772d ago

I've read the whole article, I'm going to sum up what this whiner said. He pretty much didn't like WKC because it's like your typical JRPG, and it's not like western RPG's like Fable, Fallout, or Dragon age Origins. So yeah I'm still going to buy this title.

SpaceGhost3772d ago

I completely agree with Mastiffchild, The only reason I can see the point of this review is to get people to see what other games he has reviwed to see if he is ignorant as he seems, if someone doesn't know how a Car works are you going to go to them on advise on how to get your car started? NO you are going to get someone who has dealt with and fixed a lot of cars to get an Advise on how to get it started, not someone who has no idea what is what in a car. In a completely different direction I loved White Knight Chronicles and almost every JRPG fan will to.

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Gue13773d ago

isn't this kind of too late?

Anime-Vixen3773d ago

lol i know. He like 6 months late

rdgneoz33773d ago

Yep, over 6 months late and and he reviews it knowing he doesn't know "the ass-end of a JRPG".

DarkFantasy3772d ago

i never knew there was a time limit on reviews for games XD..i never got the play this one ,my friend was addicted to it for a long time

lashes2ashes3773d ago

how can you be a gamer and not know any thing about jrpg's that dosent make since. i know lots of people that started gaming a year or two back and they at least know about turn based battles and other jrpg style characteristics.

SpaceGhost3772d ago

well look at most people who play video games this generation, they are mostly shooters and sports games, and do you really expect a "manly" man to sit down and play a 60 hour plus game mostly about story? Majority of the time I would say no, No they would not, they would get bored of not shooting something or getting a goal withing 10 minutes of playing a game.

Anton Chigurh3773d ago

This game should 5 not 3 imo.

Homicide3772d ago

I agree. The game is not horrible, but it's not good. It's average.

Newtype3772d ago

7/10 it should be. Reviewer sucks.

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