First Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PS3 Footage

Game1 has released the first video of the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, shown and playable at the Games Convention in Leipzig. The footage is from the high anticipated PlayStation 3-version.

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mighty_douche4167d ago

cant wait for this game, its gonna rule online! EA can take their FIFA and shove it up their ass even with their 60 fps!

mingeeta4167d ago

Great to finaly see this in action. Looking very fluent so far. I especially like the tackling animations, seems very natural. And the likenesses are pretty good too, if a little plasticy. Overall, cant wait for this to arrive later this year.

rev204167d ago

I cant wait for this game, definitly the most played game every year on my playstation

it rulesssssssssss

RuffRyder4167d ago

It looks like pro evo will yet again destroy fifa...ah well maybe next year EA lol.

hhhmm i really cant decide weather to get the ps3 version or 360????
I have got so used to playing pro evo with the 360 joy stick that i think il find it hard to go back to the d-pad...

mighty_douche4166d ago

has a joy stick and the best D-pad going!

Ri0tSquad4166d ago

xbox 360's dpad pisses me the he11 off its such a piece of $h1T with fighting games mainly Ultimate mortal kombat 3.

Ggame4167d ago

Looking very Good!!
Can't wait!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.