10 Reasons why Prototype is Better than GTA IV

GamesRadar is not saying that Grand Theft Auto IV will suck. In fact, they think it'll be one of next year's must have titles. It's just that there's another awesome open-world action title set in New York (the real one) in the works that might make Rockstar take the backseat in 2008. The game's called Prototype, and even in its early stages of development, it looks ready to outshine GTA IV in almost every way. Yes, they're being serious.

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ngg123454077d ago

I am going to be honest, I thought infamous looked better then prototype. The graphics and gameplay looks alot better in that game at least from the trailer, and gta 4 surpasses that game in graphics, and gameplay.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4077d ago

don`t compare it to GTA. bad first step.


yes, INFAMOUS is going to SHOCK the WORLD.

Funky Town_TX4077d ago

Fun makes a game good. You can add graphics, make the game 100Gb big. Make it run at 120 fps, have 1000 players online, run in 1080p native, but if it is not fun IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Genki4077d ago

of the open world games I've seen up to now. Graphics wise anyway, who knows how it'll play, but the production value is very obviously there.

Deity014077d ago

The worst mistake young franchises like this can have is comparing themselves to the biggest franchise in their respective genre, albeit from a third party, example of this would be Killzone vs. Halo(doomed it before it even released).

This game will be completely different from GTA, and doesn't deserve the comparisons, because it has it's own individuality.

Hopefully this is a good game, and just recalling something, remember the last game to have comparisons like this about itself(True Crime, very impressively mediocre game in my opinion)

YoungKingDoran4077d ago

im pretty sure the last thing a new franchise wants to do is compare itself to a wildly popular proven franchise as you said, so you should've realised they didnt comapare THEMSELVES to gta, gamesradar did

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The story is too old to be commented.