Best 10 Games Where You Play the Bad Guy

Out of all the games in which you play the bad guy which ones are the best? Which games are the most fun to play as the bad guy at its blackhearted fullest?

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bradleejones2705d ago

No Infamous... First game I thought of. GTA too...

Fist4achin2705d ago

DMC when you play as Virgil?! Maybe, maybe not...


Basically...Grand Theft Auto

Cultured Vultures: Ahead of the launch of GTA 6, we put together everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto: the biggest entertainment property in the world minus the one with Sudowoodo in it.

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6 Fun Games Where You Actually Play As The Bad Guy

While the mainstream media always sees things turning in favor of the hero, here are 6 games that own being a bad guy.

Profchaos25d ago

Pretty much all of these games listed are based around a morality system you don't have to be bad and you don't have to be good.

It seems to have left out some real amazing games like red dead redemption 1/2,ass effect and true crime la/ny

Tacoboto25d ago

Armored Core VI?

Ok, I'm really missing something here. Just beat chapter 3 earlier this evening, unlocked A-rank Arena fights. I'm not seeing or sensing any branching paths or morality system and I've done every side mission and arena fight available to me up to that fight.

Is something big coming soon to branch the story?

banger8825d ago

No mention of Grand Theft Auto? Saints Row (original trilogy), Manhunt? Also The Suffering (depending on the ending you get).

ChasterMies25d ago

Trevor in GTA 6 is a sadist and psychopath who dabbles in cannibalism. Should be top of the list. These game “news” sites should hire people that know games.