GameSpot: Tumble Review

This clever puzzle game has plenty of variety and makes great use of the PlayStation Move.

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Scotland-The-Brave4569d ago

Wow this game looks interesting, I cant see it working co-op style as a friend helping would probably lead to an argument lol. Its only $10 so i will give it a try.

Rip-Ridah4569d ago

Well worth the price of admission. There is a demo in the PS Store if you'd like to try before you buy.

Lovable4569d ago

This game is the reason to buy a Move. It's absolutely addicting. Like I said before, it's simple, yet so good.

PirateThom4569d ago

Tried the demo, while I doubt I'd buy the game, this may be the best "demo" for Move, accuracy, depth... just insane.

Gambit074569d ago

IGN gave this game a 3.5

despair4569d ago

yea the guy who reviewed it is an idiot.

jack_burt0n4569d ago

gametrailers 8.5/10
joystiq 4.5/5
eurogamer 8/10

-IronMan-4569d ago

Cant spell Ignorance without IGN.

kaveti66164569d ago

I don't follow. If everyone else likes something and IGN doesn't, that makes IGN ignorant?

Do you guys think before you post over-used slogans and mantras like sheep?

coolbeans4569d ago

That's one of the biggest problems with the internet as a whole. Your reasoning is sound, and hopefully others will at least contemplate what you've said. (bubbles :D)

callahan094569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

Yes, Kaveti, it does. This game is excellent. IGN giving it a 3.5 is disingenuous to their readers and unfair to the developers who poured their lives into making this game for however long. It has an impeccable presentation with crisp, pretty graphics, good music, a very soothing voice to the actress narrating everything, lots of variety in the missions, fun multiplayer, and incredibly accurate and impressive controls that do an excellent job of showing how the Move is a unique control scheme: this game couldn't be done on the Wii or Kinect, it requires the precision of the pointing device, which Kinect lacks, and the 3D depth tracking that the Wii lacks. It's a brilliant and inexpensive showcase for Move offering compelling puzzle experiences.

A 3.5 out of 10 is just simply the WRONG score. No opinion about it. It completely fails to acknowledge the factual features present in the game, from design to presentation to control and implementation of those schemes. It IS a good game. And the fact that IGN is the only reviewer that didn't like it is more evidence to the fact that the game itself is good, well-made, deserving of praise, and that IGN failed to see the title for what it is and tore it down for lack of that understanding.

foss34568d ago

IGN used to be good... until years ago when they started putting ads everywhere they went to the shitter.

They were one of the first sites that redirected you to a full page ad before sending you to your link. I remember seeing those and writing an email to IGN telling them I would no longer use their site because of all the spam.

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DeathGazer4569d ago

Probably because they didn't get the exclusive first review.

IGN isn't relevant anymore.

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