Top 5 best Playstation Move games

The new Move controller has been launched with many games, but which are the ones that really use this device to its full potential?

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plb5015d ago

The only one even out on the list is sports champions which I have fun with.

MrMccormo5015d ago

Most of these games aren't even out yet.

I'm getting Eyepet, which is creepy but the wife wants it so too bad for me.

plb5015d ago

I picked it up for my gf as well. She likes it.

UNCyrus5015d ago

In the article he says "bowling" is an event in Sports Champions... Please tell me where that minigame is hidden, because I've been looking for 5 months and haven't seen it yet

Shadowstar5015d ago

I think bowling is bocce. Someone doesn't know how to play either one, I'd say...

blahblah5015d ago (Edited 5015d ago )

posting best 5 Move games not even a week after Move was released? and using 4 games that won't exist in this year?

i wish fanboys wouldn't post stupid articles. there are only few games out now, which is way more than enough considering Move is still not even 1 week old. posting glory about these games is just the same as people who were proclaiming Haze as Halo killer even when no gameplay was released. wait and see, Move is good enough to stand on its own without spewing bull

i got 2xMove+sub and having blast with it. RE5 (5 minutes with Shoot and i found my self ordering RE5, aiming was so natural and easy as never before) is so much nicer with Move than usual controller. SC i only played what was on starter disc, but it is enough to force me ordering it even though i hate sport games. and i got around 180 ps2+ps3 trough 10-12 years, not one sport game so far until SC.

GuruStarr785015d ago

what a poorly written article....

How does this garbage get approved?

juniordee5015d ago

Wow fail...he listed bowling as being in Sports Champions.

user83971445015d ago

Please Insomniac put move support in Resistance 3! as a hardcore Resistance fan i demand that!

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Games To Play If You Love Persona

If you're looking for something that will scratch that Persona itch, these games have got you covered!

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jznrpg4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Persona and SMT , duh

Yui_Suzumiya1h ago

Eternights, Noctuary, SMT, Soul Hackers, Tokyo Mirage Sessions


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1nsomniac2d ago

WOW! What an incredible amount of words to say so little.

A bizarre, verbal onslaught "review" that tries so hard to be eloquently whimsical in its writing to cover the fact it doesn't really contain any content. Other than the self explanatory and rehashing what we already know...

Someone's either trying really hard to impress someone at the office or this was written by AI.. Tone it down a bit, It'll give people less of a headache.