MS: 'Who needs Blu-ray?'

Microsoft has offered its most strongly worded prediction yet that Blu-ray will be extinct before it can become the de facto disc format of the video games industry.

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Shadow Flare3959d ago

Xbox could never get a game like GT5 without bluray

ozps33959d ago

What else would you expect from a company like MS. Like an ostrich with their head in the sand, can't admit they were wrong and try to make it right, no wonder they are a failure in every thing they touch, it's only their money that they earn from windows and office products that is keeping their XB360 division alive, any other company would have been bankrupt by now.

If they spent their money, time, effort and talent in developing quality and innovative product rather than throw cash on advertisements and underhanded dealings there would be respect for them in the industry.

nveenio3959d ago

Q. "Who needs BluRay?"
A. Developers

I don't know if you noticed this, Microsoft, but 80% of this gen's greatest games come on BluRay...and need it. Of course, if your customers don't want HD graphics, uncompressed 7.1 channel sound and awesome cinematic sequences, then you can probably keep selling them your three games over and over again.

Whoa...I just had a thought: I wonder how big Fable could be if it were on BluRay?

AntoineDcoolette3959d ago

MS no supporting the HD-DVD software format with the 360 was one of the deciding factors of me not purchasing one ~_~ (I'm speaking game wise, if it went over your head)

Godmars2903959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Honestly don't think MS would allow the leeway Sony has with a project than GT5.

You could probably hold up examples like Too Human and Alan Wake as counter argument, and so would I.

raztad3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

MS is so full of crap. They fool no one but their own fanatics. What a sore loosers.

I'm so looking to the xbox720 with "edgy" DVD support, and compressed DL movies with compressed audio. NO.

It's kinda funny if you think about it. The company that TALK the more about the downloadble content revolution, is the company that less support it. Dont you think, by now, MS shouldnt be selling xbox360 with HDD all across the board? Guess what? it doesnt and xbox players cant even play Halo:R properly. What a joke.

On the other hand, Sony not only has a console with HDD standard from DAY ONE but additionally went all out with a risky Digital ONLY product to the market. MS is as good as Greenburg, no wonder why he fits so well.


It is all about quality. If you own a proper 7.1 audio system you would be able to notice it.

Armyntt3959d ago

Excuse my ignorance but can someone even tell the difference in compressed audio? I mean if i compress it and get 7.1 audio and i dont compress it and get 7.1 audio whats the difference? Can a person even tell the difference?

nveenio3959d ago

You can't tell the difference on a system that doesn't support true 7.1 audio. If you're using a standard 5.1 surround system with DD or DTS, then you won't be able to tell the difference. Few people have the system needed to take advantage of the uncompressed master audio tracks, but the point is that the option is at least there. The same goes with 3D. People without a 3D TV won't really know what they're missing, but if they have a 3D TV, then they have the option of laying in 3D.

dalibor3959d ago

People really need to stop defending DVD's. It's time to really realize the benefits of Blu Ray. For all you Xbox owners imagine not dealing with scratching your discs. Or even using multiple discs. Sometimes the smallest things should not be overlooked. I know you don't care but at least take a look and use Blu Ray before judging it and saying it's still not needed. And yes as far as audio goes it does make a difference. Don't tell me you never listened to an mp3 where the quality is not good or even a movie for that matter. Same thing with games. I have used Blu Ray and to me it's better than DVD, for me it is at least.

Method3959d ago Show
Upbeat3959d ago

FACT ? no need to state it, its obvious

Eric Cartman3959d ago

I think what people should realize about BDs is that we, as gamers, pay no more for them than for DVD games. So even if I don't care about BD, it still would be really idiotic of me to bash it.

jeseth3959d ago

The difference of Blu Ray to DVD is like DVD to VHS.

Its amazing how many people will deny facts over and over again. The games cost exactly the same, why wouldn't you want them on a Blu Ray disc with so much more space?

Someone else said it earlier. Could you imagine how incredibly massive a great Xbox exclusive like Fable 3 could be? The game could be just giant!

Games, I feel, have really suffered from DVD Multiplat restrictions and could have had so much more in them this gen. Its a shame really. And I know its not a huge deal to swap discs, but if the ability to not swap discs is there than why continue to support the OUTDATES format.

Its funny, Xbox fans won't admit to the problem with continuing to support DVD instead of Blu Ray...But they will all get so excited for the 2nd coming of the Playstation Eye.

Fanboyism is a disease that clouds the minds ability to reason.

Triella3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

MS : Nobody needs Blu-ray de futurez is digital download ... here have some HD-DVD, and games on DVD-9 instead.

MS : Nobody needs motion control, it's just a fad, our install base is the hardcore and we make games for hardcore gamers... here have some revolutionnary new way of playing games called Eyeto... uuuh Kinect.

MS : Nobody needs 3D, 3D is for theater not for living room and having to wear those glasses is so stuuuupid. Many, many years from now when it becomes a reality we absolutely can support it but right now it is still too expensive to become mainstream...

MS : (the next day) We told you 3D is the present you can have it on your Xbox and it looks fantastic on a LG screen oh and those glasses look sooo good on you.

jack_burt0n3959d ago


The difference between uncompressed audio and a high bitrate lossless one is the difference between going from SD to HD in image quality for audio its a massive leap, it helps if you have a decent sound system but i could not go back to listening to DD, dts I really cant.

bjornbear3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

well..everyone that didn't need HD-DVD for one...<_<

what kind of argument is this? MS expect we use DVD until the end of times? *sigh* resistance to change

they just say this because they lost the new format war

L-Teezy3959d ago

Coming from the same company who decided to go with the EXTINCT HD-DVD, who got its ass kicked out of the market by Blu-ray. ;)

darthv723959d ago

Maybe MS doesnt need bluray but they do need a higher capacity portable medium. If they continue to use the dvd then at least they should get the hddvd for games.

Considering the actual formats are just different mediums of storage, I do not see any reason as to why MS would not be willing to use the hddvd for its games.

We are NOT talking movies here people. Choosing a storage format for the games is beneficial to the developers. Turbografx had HuCards, NES (and others) used cartridge. The "convenience" of a format that does both movies and games (bluray/DVD) has it advantages but not a requirement.

If MS chose to continue to support DVD with those newer higher capacity dvd's that work with the existing red laser for the games and supported regular dvd for movies I would be fine with that. Bottom line...they need something more spacious.

pustulio3959d ago

"Who needs Blu-Ray?"


Sarcasm3959d ago

Who needs Blu-Ray? FFXIII sure did. Rage sure does. Heck, Forza 3 would have been nice on one disc. Mass Effect 2? ODST?

Shiet, when half of your own games are on multiple discs, you shouldn't ask if anyone else needs it.

AliTheBrit193959d ago

Shadow Flare

Yeah, you could, you could download that sh*t


The Lazy One3958d ago

@"The difference between uncompressed audio and a high bitrate lossless one is the difference between going from SD to HD in image quality for audio its a massive leap, it helps if you have a decent sound system but i could not go back to listening to DD, dts I really cant."

you cannot tell the difference between lossless audio compression and uncompressed audio. It's physically impossible. You get the exact same data out of both regardless. You put in a bunch of 1s and 0s and you get back the exact same 1s and 0s either way. If you're data read speeds are slower then the speed of decompressing the data, there's actually a lot of benefit to compressing your data because it will read faster.

And DvD had a lot more benefits to VHS than Blu-Ray did to DVD. Blu-Ray has a size advantage. DVD had a size and convenience advantage. Never having to rewind, having media that was at significantly smaller risk of being completely destroyed by its reader, having media that took up a significantly smaller space, having media that was for all intents an purposes randomly accessible.

I will not pretend that more space wouldn't help developers, but Blu-Ray is just an intermediary solution. USB 3.0 and other flash media and the internet make it entirely obsolete. Faster read times, no more size restrictions, less fragile media, and soon cost.

What are 50gB of data when you can have a 1TB drive that fits in your pocket and reads at 400 mB/s with no moving parts. Hell, if they reach the 2020 goal for internet speeds in the US we'll be able to download data faster than we can read it off a Blu-Ray.

Scoff all you want, but there's way too much tech coming in the near future.

DaTruth3958d ago

You were probably one of the ones saying you can't see the difference between HD and standard definition. Nobody even pretends that stupid $hit anymore!

CD's sound better than MP3s and everybody knows this! Because CD's are uncompressed and MP3's are compressed!

The Lazy One3958d ago


MP3s aren't lossless. an mp3 is a very lossy codec. a lossless codec sounds exactly the same as the original. That's why it's called "lossless" it loses nothing. Anybody who knows anything about compression or the english language knows this.

likedamaster3958d ago

Q. "Who needs BluRay?"
A. Developers

-I'm with this guy.

ExplosionSauce3958d ago

I think that's a good example. Although, PS3 exclusives have taken advantage of this as well.

This isn't a 360 vs PS3 argument. It should be common sense instead.
Microsoft does need a higher capacity, high definition media format.
More data can be streamed and it would be foolish to ignore or deny this.

RageAgainstTheMShine3958d ago

and call it their proprietary disc media.... nice!

LIVE_FR0M_NY3958d ago

What is microsofts logic here? they don't need blu-ray because of downloadable games?? For a system that does not even come with a standard hard drive this is a pretty absurd claim. They expect to use upwards of 60gb per game and make it downloadable?? I guess when you have so few GOOD exclusives on your system it's pretty easy to look at it that way... Either way you look at it, they still need some sort of high capacity PHYSICAL storage medium. HD-DVD tried and failed, Blu-ray is the only real way to do it...

Dee_913958d ago

guess im the only one who use blu ray :/ /s

N4g_null3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Off topic what is the download service that is killing cd sales? Itune do these guys download uncompressed data no silly they use mp4s which are not mp3s and most of your hd content is an mp4. Millions of people can not tell the difference. Know what your talking about or become a dinosaur. Then we have other almost lostless codecs also. Blu ray isn't the smartest way it just another way. Hd DVD was just worst lol. Prime example why monopolies should not be fostered.

I know I'm going to get hate post for this but you guys need to know the pros and cons of blu ray. As of right now blu ray actualy seeks way slower than DVDs. Which is why some games have to be installed. On top of than you can not stream a huge ammount of data off the disk like a DVD.

If Sony can increase all of the above it truely would be a video game godson of a medium.

Internet as a medium will always be a bad move till it's dirt cheap. Also most of you can't tell compressed audio from uncompressed. Yet you can pause and see higher resolutions.

A higher medium is not needed till we get true next gen hd boxes with enough ram to truely do the job.

You need a huge ammount of ram to true do hd gaming justice and streaming data must be past hdd seek rates for a media. Idealy you want a console with the less moving part including the hard drive.

The solution to all the above problems is the new sdxc standard. We are just waiting for Sony to make their version of it. Believe me they will. Nothing competes with that tech right now.

For a blu ray tech to compete maybe they could put more lasers on the disk? That's easier said than done.

Some thing tells me activison and ms have found a cloud computing hybrid which is also part netflix model. Yet is the worlds Internet ready? Don't thinks so.

Yet for movies blu ray is prefect. There is a reason pcs still use DVD roms. Sure the price has went down but blu ray needs some tweaks to rival hdds in read and seek speeds.

Hopfully Sony can get it there soon. Solid state solutions are looking a lot more attractive and are rivaling hdd in every bench mark except for price which is only a matter of moores law.

RedDragan3956d ago

"The solution to all the above problems is the new sdxc standard. We are just waiting for Sony to make their version of it. Believe me they will. Nothing competes with that tech right now. "


SSD says hi!

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pwnd_of_lol3959d ago

DVD is fine for X360 exclusives & PC games that can be installed to HDD and don't require a per disc royalty fee (paid to Microsoft). For PS3 / X360 cross platform games, developers are going to need to cut content to squeeze everything onto 1 DVD, or design their game to run across multiple DVD's.

hard joe3959d ago

installing to hdd?
what about models that come out without any?
oh yeah they can always buy proprietary overpriced hdd from m$

TheGamer3959d ago

I wonder what MS's stand would be if HD-DVD had won the format war :)

gamingdroid3959d ago


MS didn't really support HD-DVD and most likely used it as a stalling technique to usher in the era of digital downloads. HD-DVD has no bearing on games for Xbox 360.

MrMccormo3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

No need for Blu Ray, of course, but it's perfectly reasonable to rearrange your entire living room and buy an overpriced camera to play River Rafting, right?

And I thought Microsoft was all about "options". Hmmm.


If Microsoft doesn't need Blu Ray, then what was HD DVD all about then?

Condemnedman3959d ago

That was to watch movies not playing games.

raWfodog3959d ago

I believe that MS backed HD DVD just to try and beat blu-ray. That would have been a big blow against the PS3 since blu-ray drives are built-in and not like the HD DVD attachment that MS was selling.

Denethor_II3959d ago

The interviewee talks of watching movies:)

moneygun23959d ago

but Im a Sony gamer through and through but im having so much fun with Halo Reach its just solid, this is most likely the fact its not shit, like the rest of them.

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fuckitimout3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

any console that wants gow3 and mg4 on one disc. And yes it's flamebait and you still clicked it to type 'cvg flamebait articles'

tinybigman3959d ago

honestly M$ i dont care what you have to say anymore. as a company you disappoint me with your stupid decisions on what you think is right for us. you think i want a camera whose games are only on rails? FU M$ and get with the program.

dangert123959d ago

If this is what Microsoft have actually said
then anyone looking for a console that improves on this gen should not go with microsoft they are more then happy to stick with dvd 9

TEFL0N_D0N_813959d ago

I don't agree with every statement made by every company, and this isn't limited to just video games and consoles. But assuming MS wouldn't make a statement like this without a plan to back it up. The same would have applied for Sony or any other large company had they made similar statements (with the exception of Activision). They never said they're sticking with DVD-9. Maybe they're going to sell proprietary memory sticks in the future where if you want to buy a 360 game, you can go to Gamestop and transfer the game file. Then again, this is a "maybe" scenario.

gamingdroid3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

MS said time and time again, they went with DVD-9 to basically save cost. If they went with HD-DVD as a gaming disc format, their marketshare would have likely be considerably less due to the higher price tag of the console. That is one of the major factors to why PS3 is third this generation.

If you look at the market, people have spoken that the price matters. Is it a co-incidence that the standing in the console race is inversely proportional to the price? Is it a co-incidence that people constantly complain about the PS3 price?

1. Wii -> Cheapest of all
2. Xbox 360 -> Cheaper than PS3
3. PS3

This is probably not the reason alone, but certainly is a significant factor.

fuckitimout3959d ago

proprietary memory sticks is a dumb idea from a consumers view. What happens when that stick corrupts? Can you play it at a friends house? What about disk space?...youre asking for your ownership to be taken away basically. No hardcopy = no ownership.

btk3959d ago

Actually HD-DVD was not ready - MS wanted a year headstart - so they dropped HD-DVD as the standard format. If HD-DVD was ready for XBox360 launch, it could very well have been the default HD disk format. As it is - they went early and HD-DVD lost. They still made their statements about HD-DVD being better quality and better "value proposition" etc until the format died horribly. They just don't want to admit they were wrong.

gamingdroid3958d ago

HD-DVD specs might not have been ready, but if MS pushed for it, the ability to read HD-DVD discs isn't a problem. It is just costly.

Heck, the Blu-Ray Specs weren't quite complete either when PS3 released. They still working on it now.

Reefskye3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

The format war was decided by films not consoles, the very fact Sony have film studios was part of the reason Blu-ray won. Sony have a lot more say in this area than Microsoft. This was to Sony's advantage and there was very little chance of Sony repeating Betamax. HD-DVD was already set to lose.

moparful993958d ago

@reefskye Do you honestly believe that sony's decision to have blu-ray built in had no bearing on the outcome of the format war? You are smoking something then. Having blu-ray built into the ps3 meant instant userbase.. Every ps3 sold was a potential blu-ray disc purchase.. Yes sony has alot of movie studios but at the same time the arguably two biggest movie companies on the planet(universal, warner brothers werent on board with blu-ray.. Remember when both of those companies announced deals with sony for blu ray support? Within hours of announcing this hd-dvd was officially canned. Point is that sony made all the right moves with blu-ray by integrating it with the ps3 and making it standard.. As well the added benefit that blu-ray has for gaming cemented it as the format of choice this generation.. It clearly outclassed dvd.. The discs are darn near indestructible, have many times more storage, and cost the same as dvd 9 printed games.. Thats huge.. Digital distribution is still at least 10 years from being the standard method of content delivery as infrastructure is lagging behind in this country.. Face it microsoft needs to insert their collective feet in their mouths and aknowledge when they screw up.. Which they have done alloooooot of this gen...

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3959d ago
Rhythmattic3959d ago

Blu-Ray or not, The anti scratch layer should at least be adopted.

Consoldtobots3959d ago

I think kids re-buying games cause their disc got scratched is part of MS's business plan.

Trroy3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

^^ and removing the bumper on the laser of the 360 DVD drive.

You think it sounds petty, but it boils down to millions of dollars. Some people bump their 360s, and scratch DVD in all sorts of ways, and MS knows that supports game re-buys.

xAlmostPro3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

blu-ray is gonna pass by?.. thats why it over took HD-DVD?.. thats why its considered one of the best formats for watching movies?.. thats why other platforms exclusives are so much bigger and better?.. thats why people are creating and looking into 300gb+ blu-ray discs? lol..

blu-ray isn't passing by anytime SOON.. broadband speeds and bandwith limits are nowhere near high enough in average households for everything to become download only yet..

maybe when 90% of all internet users have 20mb+ connections(i could be off with exact numbers here, but im sure you all get what im tying to say) :)

moparful993958d ago

To be honest for high definition content you can get by with a 5 meg connection only problem is at that speed your bandwidth is going to take a huge hit if you download content.. Now for cloud gaming and instant steaming movies in hd you will absolutely need more then 5 megs.. I think the standard to shoot for is most likely 10 megs....

Kreyg3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Blu-Ray is good, so is digital. people need to shut up and just use what they like for god sakes

avengers19783959d ago

They'll put blu-ray in there next console, that is 100% for sure.
So they need it.
Look at what more devs and publishers are doing, just throwing a second game on the blu-ray for no extra cost. MOH, and DeadSpace 2 both come with two games in the series, and sure they might be older,but there still free.
Think about what Halo Reach could have been had they had 35 gigs to play with.(Not saying there is anything wrong with Reach the way it is),but imagine the possiblites.

jwk943959d ago

If they had blu-ray, they could've done a halo collection on the reach disc

outrageous3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago ) Sony next??? M$ was right...the best looking, playing and selling games are on DvD. The top selling console, double the PS3 sales, doesn't even play DvD's. The guys with the blu-ray player are in last place.

Look at all the blu-ray movies with NO extra content and the extra content they do have was available on a good old regular dvd. The top selling games on the blu-ray playing PS3 are on DvD...are you GETTING THE PICTURE YET!!! Alan Wake entire gameplay takes up 2.5 Is blu-ray good and have lots of room...yes...does it PS3 exclusives are all pre-rendered and that's why they need the space. MGS4 has at least a couple HOURS of pre-rendered sims.

The only reason blu-ray is around is because of price fixing and keeping the cost of DvD's high to make blu-ray a viable option...that's it. A DvD cost 10-15 cents YEARS ago...they should be 2-3 cents now.

bustamove3959d ago

...Yeah, okay, whatever you say. You're just like Microsoft, sticking your hands in your ears and lala-ing to the wind.

Kemicalbeliefs3959d ago

I was reading this and thought 'yeah he's being ironic and taking the p1ss'. Then I realised you actually mean all of this what you say.

I don't want, need or ever even watch the extra content so movie only is fine with me. DVD is now like Cinema, rubbish. HD is here now and more people are moving over.

Amongst the reasons Blu ray is really around is because it fits HD games and movies with uncompressed audio. I don't know whether you've been to the shops lately but most DVD's are a third of the Blu ray price.
Don't forget my children proof discs too...those finger marks don't mean diddly squat on my PS3 but my 360 discs are a no no.

bageara3959d ago

Your so misinformed dude it's......well outrageous, and ain't even gonna bother informing you HA! I'm just gonna let you live in ignorance, I pity you, you don't even know what your missing dude

mantisimo3959d ago


Downloadable games are a long way off say Sony, they will (they say) not be download exclusive for 10 years or more.

Not enough people have strong , fast internet and so they say there will always be a hard copy available.

Blu ray movies are generally beautiful and the games, well enough said.

Unicron3959d ago

MGS4 has at least a couple HOURS of pre-rendered sims.

Aside from TWO pre-rendered bits, all of MGS4's cinematics were in real time. Fail more please.