Sony’s PlayTV update charge sets a dangerous precedent

Play-mag: "Sony has announced it will be charging owners of PlayTV to update their system. I think this could lead down a very dark road, if it’s successful."

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TLG19913133d ago

if its something like new channel pack subscription type of thing i dont think its that bad, but if its for stupid shit no that.

all i want is my free HD channels on playtv so i can record them

Windex3132d ago

its just optional update for those who want extra features....

its not like XBL where you must pay MS for something you own already(Internet).

gtamike3132d ago

Yeah it's ownage paying for your internet 2 times when there are better services out there like STEAM that are free

cliffbo3132d ago

ooooooooo this is DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!

but $60 a year is SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

raztad3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

LMAO. Good one.

Bubbling you up.

Corrwin3132d ago

How dare SONY charge for extra development on a product that was released 2 years ago, and turned your PS3 into a live-rewind DVR, without charging a monthly subscription (as Sky does)!?

Yes, indeed! A dark precedent to add new features! They should only add new features they can afford from past profits!

nycredude3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

God forbids Companies charge for their services now... Wait they all do!

People are freaking spoiled. They think it's cheap to run all these services and that they are entitled to everything for free.

rdgneoz33132d ago

Yep, they never had the services when it first came out, how can they complain about wanting it for free when its released 2 years later.

mushroomwig3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

The update is completely optional for those who wish to expand their PlayTV experience, if you don't want to pay then don't.

This is no different than DLC for games, it's a chargeable extra to enhance your experience but it's hardly required because it doesn't stop you from enjoying what you already have.

dorron3132d ago

I disagree. We didn't need trophies, in-game XMB, etc. for PS3 to work. They are all added services but free.

How would people feel if Sony asked them to pay for firmware updates?

mushroomwig3131d ago

Firmware updates are required in order for the console to work, you've chosen a bad example to state your point.

dorron3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Are you saying the PS3 couldn't work with the first ever released firmware? We could play Resistance, Heavenly Sword and many more without firmwares like the 3.50.

I disagree. Sony requires us to update just to keep us under control, but that doesn't mean we couldn't play games without the new updates (except from that one that freed memory).

And for the matter...if Sony requires people to pay for an update, will they give money back if they remove the feature at any time?

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The story is too old to be commented.