LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta: Ten Best Levels (So Far)

NowGamer: With the LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta a little over two weeks old, we had a look around to see what people have been up to. To our surprise, we found a wealth of different game types and experimental ideas that can only bode well for the future of LittleBigPlanet.

Here are our favourite levels, as way of telling you what’s possible with the new tools in LittleBigPlanet...

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LeeRoyJenkins5017d ago ShowReplies(2)
BulletProofVess5017d ago

You obviously dont understand the innovation present in LBP series

The Potential of what you can do in the game is boundless

xxxprettiboyxxx5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

idc how old you are playing with the sack people
is just a great experience
& for me its an experience that is not just challenging but incredibly fun
definitely a must have title for any ps3 user

OSU_Gamer5017d ago

I am a 24 year old violent sport lover, and I absolutely loved LBP.

Nothing wrong with that.

Rumor5017d ago

Great levels! I lol'd at prostate cancer1 now online. That's pretty messed up tho..

FACTUAL evidence5017d ago

Most innovative game this gen...HANDS DOWN!

AntoineDcoolette5017d ago

Not to be a hater but can you explain the innovation present in Little Big Planet? You've been able to do everything LBP does and then some with PC games for a while before it released : / I'm glad to see that LBP2 is much more versatile in its level creation now, such as the fact that it now adds genres, different camera angles, and the ability to string levels together, something I was expecting from the first game as it was being promoted based upon the premise of creation.

SmokeyMcBear5017d ago

dude.. who cares about PCs.. they are freaking PCs for christs sake. last I checked.. you can code a whole game with a PC.. you can do architechtural and construction drawings with a PC, you can compose music and edit videos and photographs and do a whole lotta cool crap with a PC. The innovation is bringthing this type of creation to a console, and making it user friendly. No need to go into coding, no need to compile or check for compatability, just create.

AntoineDcoolette5017d ago

Smokey, note that I said PC GAMES, not PCs. World/map editors that are packed in with a bunch of Pc games such as the WC3 map editor are extremely versatile, don't require coding, and have been around much longer than LBP.

Also saying "Who cares about Item X" is a rather narrow minded and rude comment that overlooks millions of people every time its stated. Well, for most things anyway. I'm sure deep down inside you deeply care for PCs because without them we wouldn't have a large array of our electronics, including our PS3s.

SmokeyMcBear5017d ago

in the context of LBP the "who cares" stance abides. We all know some great games are on PC, and with PCs they are very versatile. But that is a whole nother world man. Comparing that to the console world is comparing apples to oranges. Its comparable to the southpark episode.. "PCs did it, PCs did it", in reference to simpsons did it. Although I am not aware of any PC map editors that allow you to actually change a game from a FPS to a top down view racer, to a plaformer, to a sidescrolling shooter. I understand the map tools to edit the world of the game. To make objects, to make scenery, to change obstacles in a game, to edit the configuration of the world around you. But did you really expect a "map editing tool" to allow you to change the genre of the game you are playing in the last LBP? Really? Before they announced this for LBP2, I didnt know that type of functionality existed. Again, I didnt know, but maybe it did exist in the PC world.

AntoineDcoolette5017d ago

The Warcraft 3 map editor from 2002 allowed you to create top down shooters, RPGs, over the shoulder view racers, and I've seen people successfully recreate various board games or game shows on it such as monopoly, risk, jeopardy, or who wants to be a millionaire and the Starcraft 2 map editor allows for the creation of platformers, first person shooters, third person shooters, brawlers, racers, you name it; all from an RTS. And yes, to be honest I did see something such as genre creation being something that would have been available in the first LBP. Like I said I'm far more impressed with LBP2's editor than the first since its far more versatile and more akin to things I've seen from PC games in the past.

bviperz5017d ago

To answer your question AntoineDcoolette, the innovation present in LBP is bringing that gaming creativity onto the console platform.

MRMagoo1235017d ago

have u guys seen these warcraft created lvls there laughable at best the innovation is lbp2 makes good created games not crap like ur spouting about antoine.

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ABizzel15017d ago

My pick for GOTY, and game that can be any game is a winner.

BLuKhaos5017d ago

The ironic thing about what LeeRoyJenkins said is that 360 gamers are the one who play with dolls since they barely have any exclusives to play so they spend the majority of their time in the 360 dashboard playing with their Avatars.

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Feckles5017d ago

Playing people's LBP levels is like a window into their minds. It's endlessly entertaining. Just like the game. Roll on LBP2.

redDevil875017d ago

I wish i was half as creative as these people lol

bjornbear5017d ago

I THINK SO! look at those levels =D

can't wait to see how the RPG will work!

LBP2, it can literally have any genre emulated! =D

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The only PlayStation dev I care about tbh.

Inverno50d ago

Dayum did I hit a nerve. Sorry for not liking most of this gens games coming from PS, not really doe.

Cacabunga51d ago

Hopefully doesn’t take them a complete gen to release it

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Good. Something not boring, not one of those "make your own game" crap and also on Steam would be nice.

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I too like to look for things in the wrong places.


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