Feeling DisKinected?

Max from Coregamer: There is a lot of talk about the Kinect right now, writers and critics opinions on why it will succeed why it wont succeed etc. If you are reading this then you are probably like me, you spend your time playing games and your spare time reading or writing about them and so you are probably not all that enthused about the Kinects lack of hardcore or core games, but there's a reason for that - you are not the target market.

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Narutone663132d ago

already owned a Wii. They wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on games which they are already playing on the Wii.

CoregamerUK3132d ago

I can sort of agree but it's like a graphically awesome version of the wii, sort of, right?

btk3132d ago

Casuals will not spend that amount of money (XB360 + $150 for Kinect)
The Wii already caters for that market - and is more accurate than Kinect
PS3 Move caters for the market demanding accuracy.
Kinect is overpriced with little gaming functionality to show for it.

btk3131d ago

We will know in three months time. It is my summary of the situation. Fact or Fault we will know soon enough.