Is Bobby Kotick Insane?

BG’s US staff writer Amy tackles a question we’ve all been wondering about. People have spent much time over the years trying to figure out Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision and all-around nice guy….well, not really) and the things he does and says. “Well, I don’t know….” you say to yourself. “Maybe he’s just a dick?” But no such easy excuse here. Bobby Kotick told us himself he’s not a dick back in February. So if he isn’t a dick, then what can possibly explain a CEO of a multi-million dollar company saying (on public record) such PR nightmare horrors as.....

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Chris3993132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

He's a businessman, one without ethics - the ultimate of his breed. And funnily enough, it's the consumer that feeds his appetites. There's a certain amount of hypocrisy on the internet, with articles like these, and ensuing forum/ site rants on how despicable his character is, when these same people rush out the next day to pre-order Black Ops.

He's doing and saying these things because he can, simple as that. Until consumers exhibit some sense toward micro-transactions or value, expect this trend to not only continue, but escalate. Along with the dozens of "frothing" rants from gamers tired of Activision's insatiable greed (meanwhile they've unlocked every achievement/ trophy on the inevitable COD pay-to-play).

HammockGames3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I probably wouldn't mind him as much if he shut his trap and kept his motives behind closed doors.

Most executive types don't go out of their way to publicly insult their customers and flaunt nickel & diming them. Kinda' bad for PR.

That's why to me Activision is generally synonymous with "buy used".

WhittO3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

So True.

Sooo many people complain about Activision, Cod Pricing (since it is way more expensive than normal games and the prices stay that way, Cod4 is still over £45 which is ridiculous..), complain when they talk about paying to play online, complain about a releasing new game every year etc.

But ALL of these people still buy the games EVERY YEAR, so you can all just stfu!

And you can't say they don't, just look at the sales figures, feeding them billions every year.

I won't be buying Black-ops or another COD for a loong time, unless they make 1 worth playing that doesn't have the feel of a big expansion pack that I just spent £50 (about $90) on.

Narutone663132d ago

the American version of Wada of SE. This is all business.

MariaHelFutura3132d ago

Exactly. Watch the ideas you support, corps are always watching.

bjornbear3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I haven't bought an activision game in forever because I don't like the way they work (yes not even a blizzard game, and it pains me because blizzard are one of my fav devs out there =( will only buy their stuff when discounted)

and to those who say "BUUUh but who cares its just gaming"

well, then you aren't a gamer, because REAL GAMERS CARE ABOUT THIS STUFF!


mastiffchild3132d ago

I wouldn't say insane and qwhile I asgree he's a business man I just don't see any other business men putting their feet in their mouths as often as he does. The statement about Bungie being the only Indie dev worth their salt was ridiculous. He will HAVE to work with some of the people he insulted with that outburst. Seriously, I think the fact that COD was turned into a class A, bullet proof franchise by IW has gone to his head and he thinks he can say anything in public.

I realise every comp-any in gaming is out for the money but Kotick is different to their heads-he likes to talk but always shows his ignorance and in any other business outbursts like his would have come to bite him on the arse already and the time will come when they do here. What happens when he has to talk with Insomniac about publishing their future multis? It's in the balance, do they go with EA or Acti? Then EA pull out his statements from yesterday showing how little he understands gaming(without thinking about the fact it insulted Insomniac amongst everyone else). Am I alone in thinking he's lucky to still be where he is?

My other concern with Kotick is his short sighted approach. He's very much dived and rule with the gaming community(unilateral hikes and taking features from one and not the other etc)and slash , burn and milk with his franchises. One of these days his luck will run out and I just hope he hasn't done irreparable damage when it does. Would a good business man have screwed things up wiuth his top developers? Guy isn't all that.

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dangert123132d ago

He is a greedy OPPORTUNIST a lot of ignorant people a falling right into this guys hands why should he stop saying this stuff no one wants to listen anyway

saying the that damn i hate this guy's attitude

mastiffchild3132d ago

That's the thing:the attitude. I don't doubt the equal greed of other top businessmen but they don't say the things he does and I doubt very much that he'd get away with it outside of gaming. The most painful thing about it all is how little he knows about games yet we all get treated to his "expertise" on a daily basis. I thought Acti were being clever when they got the guy in(forget his name) to head up their PR. I imagined one of his roles would be to keep BK's foot out of his mouth before it started really hurting Activision but, if anything Kotick's derisory attitude towards us gamers has gotten worse!

I truly believe that 90% of those buying Activision's games are totally unaware Kotick even exists but if his comments keep getting more and more outrageous he will , soon enough, make a big enough mess that the mainstream press will pick up on it(as they would if he went round abusing his customers and competition in other areas of business)and then we might see a sizeable backlash. The fact is he gets away with it because gamers are pretty placid and because so few of us actually read anything around the gaming media. I also happen to know someone who once worked for the guy and (she's a PA)and her tales don't paint him in a great light either. She wasn't HIS PA but worked for one of his colleagues and to say she has a low opinion of him would be like saying I think some of the stuff he says is a little close to the quick.

dangert123132d ago

Nice lil read there and its true i agree with everything youve stated

jack_burt0n3132d ago

Mastiff your PA friend needs to write some memoirs could be a good anti kotick strategy.

Emmettcelticfan3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

No he is just a greedy business man who only talks the language of money. With activision increasing over the years dramatically and the merger with vivendi games, kotick is on a power trip which this allows him to say and do what he wants because at the end of the day games like cod sell in their millions, which will only increase his wealth and power in the games industry

HeroXIV3132d ago

Kotick has the face of an angel. Truly beautiful guy.

thief3132d ago

Bubbles for you. Kotick is truly a saint who deserves even more of our money, just for being so awesome. Pity so few recognise greatness when they see it.

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