PS3 HD Classics – The Games We Want To See

It was announced at E3 that the three Sly Raccoon games on PS2 would be joining the God of War Collection and were being ported to the PS3 as part of a “HD Classics” Sly Collection where the games would be HD and have trophies and just recently the Team Ico Collection featuring Ico and Shadow of the Collusus was also confirmed. It got us thinking, what else would we like to see join Sly and the Team Ico games in the “HD Classics” collection? We present to you a list of collections we’d like to see.

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dangert125000d ago (Edited 5000d ago )

Tony hawks pro skater collection

Hellsvacancy4999d ago

Hitman Collection!, i also want The Warriors, Tiger Woods 2005 and Final Fantasy X, oh and a Dogs Life, i never got 2 play it

I if i get just 1 of those id b happy enough

showtimefolks4999d ago

yeh in HD

it looks like sony is the only one doing these HD collections

gta 3,vs,sa
1st mafia in HD fix the issues
tigerwoods 2005 i agree
mgs 1-3
1st mercenary was awsome make it in HD ea
and many more

akiraburn4999d ago

Definitely agree with the Hitman Collection (would love to see the first game ported to consoles and touched up as well). My personal favorites I would also like to see: Final Fantasy X & FXII, GTA: Vice City, Jak & Daxter series, Ratchet & Clank series, Dark Cloud series, Onimusha series, RE: Code Veronica & RE4, Metal Gear Solid series, and maybe Kingdom Hearts as well.

Horny4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

guys dont get your hopes up about games from 3rd parties getting an hd collection. Im sure some developers will do it but its mostly going to be sony 1st party games.

Zeixama4999d ago

Xenosaga Trilogy , Backwards Compatibility I-II , Nippon Ichi games , Dynasty Warriors and spin-offs , Shin Megami Tensei : Nocturne+DDS I-II ...

Lots of and lots of ...

big_silky5000d ago

Jesus Christ, must we get these articles every effing day? Theres like 3 a week.

4999d ago
vickers5004999d ago

More articles like this shows that people really want more of these hd classics to happen, and when publishers/developers see this, there might be a larger chance of it happening, so I say, keep 'em coming.

DelbertGrady5000d ago

Why not just give back BC and focus on making new games instead of nickel & diming old ones?

dangert125000d ago

because i dont have ps2 games nor do they make them anymore and i wish i never rid some as theres alot more classic from last gen then i sense there being from this gen but hey still 5 years 2 go i think

rhood0224999d ago

How about just not buying the remakes?

CobraKai4999d ago

Because the remakes look loads better and runs far smoother than the PS2 originals. God of War upscaled to HD isn't pretty, the HD God of War collection is.

mentalfever014999d ago

The Getaway 1 & 2. plus the GTA collection including both Liberty City and Vice City stories.

Graphics4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

play them on a ps2 emulator on pc, looks way better than the remakes, they can't even render a ps2 game to 1080p with at least 3x AA... its pitiful.. I'm currently replaying Kingdom Hearts 2 for pc and I know if they ever do a remake it will not even look half as good as the pc ps2 emulator. Kingdom Hearts 2, GT4, and FFXII look better than next gen games of now. I don't know why sony can't implement something on the ps3 that truly upscale and adds AA to a ps2 titles.. if a pc can do it with a dual core and decent gpu, it shouldn't be a problem for the ps3 to do, instead of adding that garbage upscaler and smoother that make ps2 games look like crap.

nycredude4999d ago

I'm just curious why would you need AA if you are playing in 1080p? Can you get GOW 1 and 2 on that Pc emulator? So gt4 on pc emulator looks better than GT5 on Ps3?

Seriously if you don't care for it why did you come here to comment?

OT: I would love, seriously love to play MGS1, 2 and 3 on the Ps3 with updated graphics and trophies.

Graphics4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

Increased resolution doesn't remove jaggies, it lessens it but not like AA does which smooths out all the edges which almost makes them invisible. and yea you can get GoW 1 and 2 in the emulator and you know how the cut scenes were? upscaled to HD unlike the collection which just had the gameplay remastered but not the cut scenes. And no Gt4 on pc doesn't look better than GT5 but GT4 does look better than a lot of other next gen racers out their. I commented because I'm new to this ps2 emulator and was a fan of having all these ps2 games remastered and after seen the difference between the 2 its ridiculous that the remakes are not even half as good as an emulator. Now i see remakes as pointless since they are not truly remastered to its true potential and instead are being done for a quick buck.

nycredude4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

Bro don't lecture me about pc gaming bro. My laptop probably runs games better than your pc. It's a waste of power to play on 1080p and use AA. Better off upping everything else and leaving AA alone.

Anyone who games on pc alot should know this.

Graphics4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

I doubt your laptop plays better than my pc. and wtf are you talking about? I'm talking about ps2 games.. not pc. so of course AA is important if you want to remove the jaggies from the ps2 games... You seem very confused. i never mentioned pc gaming. And my comment was a respond to your question, it wasn't meant to be a lecture, but if your laptop is so good try it out yourself and compare them instead of making up bs and making pretend you know what you are saying.