15 Best PS2 Open World Games Ever Made

With plenty of open world games to choose from on the PlayStation 2, narrowing down the list to just the 15 best is quite the difficult task.

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SimpleSlave28d ago

Those games were pretty mid. In fact, I'm surprised they even put The Getaway: Black Monday. But they left out much better games like Way of the Samurai 1-2, Okami, Jak 2 or 3, Final Fantasy 12, Yakuza 1-2, or SSX 3.


Here's another look at Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with RTX Remix Path Tracing

A new set of screenshots were shared, showcasing the latest version of an RTX Remix Mod for GTA: San Andreas.

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Where are These Missing VR Games?

As is they're coins down a sofa, some announced games seem to just disappear. So just where are these missing VR games?

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anast141d ago

There wont be enough demand until the tech gets better and more affordable.

ApocalypseShadow141d ago

The article is more concerned with where the announced games are. Not about VR demand.

Even with my thoughts on Facebook, they did supposedly sell over 20 million headsets. Not that I think that many are still using their Quest headsets. But even if it's only 10 million users and 5 million are interested and able to play GTA SA, that's still a lot of consumers and a lot of sales.

It just comes down to why these developers are taking so long. Is something like GTA canceled? Is it being held back for a future event? It's not like there's competition in the stand alone space. And now that I have a Quest 3 myself, I'm wondering as well what's the hold up.

Profchaos141d ago

Meta made a lot of budget cuts and cancelled a fair few exclusive game contracts we don't know if this was cancelled but it's possible and this was announced prior to the release of GTA definitive edition which was slammed and eventually moved to be supported in house by Rockstar.

Since then we have just gotten the mobile versions a d they are actually the best way to play the definitive edition unfortunately the consoles never got a retrospective patch to implement the improvements they made in the mobile games.

But for VR we know a VR mode was found in the definitive editions game files thanks to data miners so seeming it was meant to be using the definitive edition as a base given its ue4 that makes sense. And the mode is there right now (some Polish may be required still) I would assume this is ready to go but meta got cold feet and cancelled it given the games reputation.

I do hope Rockstar forge ahead and still just launch it anyway on psvr2 as it's a game I've loved since day 1 on PS2 I'll even tolerate the de version to get it in VR