Rumor: Mad Max Game in Development

Mad Max 4: Fury Road is the fourth entry in the beloved Australian made film series. There has been talks about a video game tie in which seemingly is still on track as Barlog is involved in production of the movie and possibly in charge of managing the incorporation of the video game using the Mad Max license.

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MultiConsoleGamer3139d ago

I've wanted a Road Warrior game since I was a kid. Today's powerful hardware can finally do it justice. I imagine crashes similar to burnout, combined with car combat and racing elements.

mcroddi3139d ago

I totally agree, especially an open world game - avalanche would be perfect.

HBK6193139d ago

I would've thought a game pretty much like Twisted Metal only grounded a little more in a realistic post-apocalyptic society would be the best way to go.

The Just Cause dev being in charge is a fairly good sign. They'd just need to drop the cheese and reel it into a serious type of story, acting and theme throughout.

Hellsvacancy3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Cool news, i was gonna say excellent news but i know how most movie>>>game games turn out, the new movie will b cool though Tom Hardy is a top notch actor, how do u go from this http://www.scifidimensions.... to this ?

Edit: "The Swedish studio is responsible work the Just Cause franchise" hmmmm, not so good

dkgshiz3139d ago

I get a big vibe of Mad Max when I see Rage.

NewYork2143139d ago

This isnt new at all. Cory Barlog (GoW2 director) said he has been working on this since february 2009. here is a link http://corybarlog.blogspot....

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The story is too old to be commented.