NoAddedSugar Review: Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days

Barry reviews Kane and Lynch 2, finding a fun title marred by poor mechanics and little longevity

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borisfett3138d ago

The game is great... for the 3 hours it lasts!

Wish it was longer.

noaddedsugar3138d ago

Must admit I haven't played it yet, but IO used to be such a great developer- who can forget the halcyon days of Hitman 2?

mcullin3138d ago

Barry, you mention the game's 'disturbing tone'. What do you mean by that exactly?

Keats3138d ago

It's very harsh, opening with a torture scene but continuing the trend in the environmental detail, such as sweat shops and drug dens. The story also takes a few nasty tones as well

Sidology3138d ago

Shame that such a promising title (at least a vast step up from the first game) didn't really offer a whole lot past its original premise.

Nice review!