Wireless EyeToy Not Possible... Yet

StrengthGamer: The wire to the EyeToy can be a big problem at times. It's not as long as the Wii sensor bar wire, and it's fairly thick, making it tough to position. emailed one of the Move developers this morning asking if a wireless EyeToy was in the works.

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STRGMR3134d ago

they will totally make it. they have to.

Gray-Fox3133d ago

Why would they release a wireless EyeToy? It's not like people are still developing EyeToy games anymore. If they were going to create a wireless camera wouldn't a PSEye be a better choice?

Hades13373133d ago

People commonly refer to the Eye as the Eyetoy.

Ju3133d ago

EyeToy/PSEye...doesn't matter. Transmitting 60fps wireless video without lag is the keyword here. And you know it's part of PS Move, right ?

Trroy3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

That'd be a LOT of bandwidth, and even more latency.

Can't increase the speed of radio signals/light, and blasting your wifi with constant uncompressed video traffic (uncompressed), or compressed video traffic (requiring more lag and a processor on the camera) would be bad.

Real bad. The camera would probably have to grow to the size of Kinect, or to the size of a decent 802.3g access point, to do such a thing, and it would require a power source (and cable) in any case.

Why not just use USB instead?

AnthonyAccinell3133d ago

That all makes a lot of sense actually. What do you mean by USB instead?

ThanatosDMC3133d ago

PS Eye is all ready connected via USB.

Games4M - Rob3133d ago

he's saying that since it would require a power lead anyway then there is no benefit to not just using the USB lead that it already has. Swapping one lead for another lead is pointless.

Theonik3133d ago

Well it would save you 1 USB port :P
Regardless i agree. What they should do is change the current cable with a more flexible one.

Corrwin3133d ago

I'm starting to think Strengthgamer is just looking for things to bitch about.

The R&D for a wireless camera is not worth it for one whining moron who can't get his hardware sorted!

ForzaGT3133d ago

personally it will become bothersome form when I get move and kinect with wii sensor already there, then I will have a bunch of wired cameras around my TV staring at me

Ju3133d ago

They have this really nice camera stand which you can put on top of the TV which includes an USB extender. Let you have the cable hidden behind the TV. And works quite well. Camera doesn't move and is out of your way. For about $10.

Theonik3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Yes, it was a pain for me when i was instaling mine for move because quite honestly the cable they use sucks and bending it so it went behind my TV was a pain and it still looks bad. They need to make it easier to use. A more flexible/light cable would come a long way. Maybe 2 more USB ports in the back for later PS3s? They can afford to do that now.

EpsilonTeam3133d ago

They could make a eyetoy camera with a lighter/better cable at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.