BioShock's Secrets Revealed

GamesRadar: "Read only if you want to know everything."

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HeartlesskizZ4168d ago

I dont want to click. I really have a vig tentation to click on that ending and the full review. I need to wait a week to get the game since im in college.

Satanas4168d ago

I just wouldn't want to ruin the game by reading it all...

As you can probably guess I avoided putting part of the article here, it's too spolier-filled!

HeartlesskizZ4168d ago

I will probly use this as a guide when i played the game if I get stuck or want to get all the goodies =)

HeartlesskizZ4168d ago

After readin the Caution page i want to take a sneak peak even more.

i need to disconect my mouse :(

Satanas4168d ago

LOL...well I'm off to bed, hopefully I can sleep without imagining every detail, surprise and shock the game has...

I wonder if anyone will actually read it all. xD

TeaDouble_E4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

I was gonna give away the ending : )

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