Did Microsoft Stop Caring About The Planet?

A little while back Microsoft started releasing games in an Eco friendly game case after partnering with the case manufacturing Viva Group. You know the one with the odd looking wagon wheel design behind the disc! Using less plastic and CO2 in the cases not only allowed them to save money but also pass it off as a more environmentally friendly case. Well a few short months later and I have noticed that my new games are no longer coming in these handy cases but rather they are appearing back in the old cases

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frjoethesecond3139d ago

Maybe they realised it was a stupid idea in the first place and that all it meant was peoples game cases were falling apart.

darthv723139d ago

people criticized them for doing the cheaper cases and now they criticize them for going back. just can't please anybody these days.

Strikepackage Bravo3139d ago

They get bashed no matter what they do. They were bashed for focusing too much on hardcore gamers, then Kinect comes out and they are bashed for not focusing enough on hardcore gamers.

They were bashed for not including WiFi in the 360 @ launch, they include it and now they are bashed for doing it too late.

They were bashed for making the 360 ugly, they make it pretty and now they are bashed constantly over some stupid finger prints, I never heard anyone but 360 fanboys bash PS3 over this when it had a glossy finish, everyone else including the media just went on about how beautiful PS3 was.

And now this, they make green game cases, get bashed, return to the cases that do not wreck games, and they are still bashed. MS just cant win LOL!

Adrela3139d ago

@Strikepackage Bravo;
Why in the world did you get a disagree? Must be a fanboy :|
Honestly, it's really pathetic how gamers just can't cut Microsoft slack. They have had some issues here and there and they got put down for it. But, if they do something right...All hell breaks lose and apparently theres a scheme under the service.
People are so blinded by the past. It's time to move on. :/

Gilliand3139d ago

Who complained about MS being too hardcore?

YoshiMeetsU3139d ago

Strike and then lets not forget about my favorite MS hater-aid.

MS release 360/PC games and the 360 has no exclusives and is irrelevant.

MS release only 360 and people are mad because they are making them exclusive to the 360 and forgetting the PC community.

DMason3139d ago

My copy of Halo Reach came with one of these cases.

This article is a joke, this is ONE guy making these assumptions, with no statistical evidence to back it up. This is very slanderous.

One could even write a stupid article titled "Does Sony Hate the Environment Because of Their Non-Eco Friendly Cases?" But why? Why try to twist words around just for the sake of getting hits. This is just stupid.

crzyjackbauer3139d ago

i hated those cases the only game i have with that kind of case is MW2

badz1493139d ago

my point exactly? who the hell bashed M$ for being hardcore?? no one but if by hardcore you (bravo) mean shooters, yeah maybe some people bashed them for that! last time I check, 360 is called the FPS console, not hardcore console and it's for a reason!

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Blaze9293139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Um...Halo: Reach just shipped with these eco friendly boxes. All regular copies of Halo: Reach did. Any Microsoft published game ships with those boxes. They (Microsoft) can't force other manufacturers to do the same though. It all depends on the manufacture and the manufacturing company's supply. If they still have the old boxes, they are using the old boxes. If they have enough of the new ones, they use those.

Spider-Man Web of Shadows, also comes with those boxes. at least mine did

DeFFeR3139d ago

Wrong sir.

My Reach Limited Edition did not come with this case - and the 4 other people I know who bought the game and came over to have a LAN party did not have those cases either.

The only reason I know, is because it came up when someone brought CoD MW2 and he didn't have the disc in the case.

DMason3139d ago

Wow, that's amazing that you knew to inspect every one of your friend's cases at the time, and then remember that you did when you saw this article. Kudos.

jc485733139d ago

what I do is buy a used game, switch the case, then return for refund.

blackboyunltd3139d ago

Microsoft hates the planet, and is building a new one called WinPlanet

GodsHand3139d ago

See if they can make it like a cube, like in the hitch hiker's guide to the galaxey.

kaveti66163139d ago

I won't go there until they upgrade it to WinPlanet7.

DeFFeR3139d ago

Yeah - that proto-planet Vista is destined for a meltdown and overpopulation and underrepresentation.

YoshiMeetsU3139d ago

LOL I was going to say I'm not moving there until at least WinPlanet SP1 is released..

Nice one Kaveti.

Convas3139d ago

No, they realized it was stupid.Too many broken and or scratched disks. Besides, I hated it and so did many others.

gamingdroid3139d ago

I hated it too, but doesn't introducing these cases in the first place suggest MS cares about the planet? Only to switch after complaints. Why introduce it in the first place if you don't care?

DeFFeR3139d ago

"Why introduce it in the first place if you don't care?"

This is one of the easiest questions to answer...

And it had nothing to do with the environment - although it would be easy to spin it off that way.

Less plastic... Less $$$

However, they didn't (I'm assuming... knowing their R&D track record) expect that the cases would damage discs, and the money they saved using less plastic in the cases is offset by the number of games they needed to replace in the process.

FragMnTagM3139d ago

why not leave the plastic behind the disc there, but cut it out in areas that are not behind the disk? Seems like a no brainer.

crzyjackbauer3139d ago

good point i had to change my Mw2 case after i realized that it was scratching my disc

Eternus3139d ago

What they did was realize it was a bad idea to give us gamers flimsy, unreliable boxes.

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