Top Five Most Disappointing Sonic The Hedgehog Games (RunDLC)

Sonic the Hedgehog’s had a rough career. Originally groomed as the mascot that would topple Mario, Sega grossly mishandled its shining star, casting him in a series of average to downright awful video games that critics would like to forget. And with Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 speeding its way to consoles this winter, all eyes are on the blue blur and his highly anticipated adventure.

So far, it appears that Sega’s moving in the right direction, with a 2-D side scrolling platform game that reminds us of the character’s 16-bit Genesis days, but we’ve been fooled before by over hyped titles that seemed fun, but ultimately proved disappointing. Here now, are those five games.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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TheDCD3722d ago

Sonic Shuffle didn't make this list? And what about the iPhone versions? Just ugh.

Buff10443722d ago

The key word is disappointing..not necessarily the worst.

gtamike3722d ago

Sonic Heros and Sonic Adventure 1-2 were good the other 3D ones suck.

Urmomlol3722d ago

You could've listed every single Sonic game since Sonic for DC and you wouldn't be off much.

Eamon3722d ago

The only good 3D Sonic games were SA1 and SA2

Venox20083722d ago

I liked Sonic unleashed.. especially daytime levels, and those night time levels were just like to play a platformer game, there's nothing wrong.. don't know why are you hatin' it..

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