M2G Review: Tumble

M2G Writes:

Tumble is a simple game on the surface that uses the PlayStation Move to build blocks and knock them over, whether on purpose or in error. Scratch underneath the surface though, and you have a complex title, which gets more difficult and addictive the longer you play.

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jerethdagryphon2951d ago

they had nothing bad to say im impressed

SeanRL2951d ago

This game is so much fun, it shows that you don't need to be super complicated to be addictive.

Theoneneo812951d ago

I played this till 3am last time i looked on the clock it was 12 had no idea where the time flew damn this game is addicting

Keith Olbermann2951d ago

the only site that gave this game a bad review...and when I say bad..I mean bad. Looks like we have some move haters at ign perhaps.

Tommykrem2950d ago

Or just some people who had thrown 100 hours into Boom Blox games and therefore didn't feel the urge to play Tumble. I think that the reviewer hates Move is always the last explanation. Possible, but unlikely.

I am considering Tumble after great reviews :)

Miiikeyyy2951d ago

i played the tumble demo, seems awesome. won't be getting it anytime soon though

NegativeCreepWA2951d ago

Great game, this and sports champions are must haves if you get Move.

wotta2951d ago

Really enjoying this one.

blair_enigma2951d ago

play tumble without move?

Theoneneo812951d ago

that would be like playing streetfighter with a racing wheel

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The story is too old to be commented.