Capcom: 'Darkside Chronicles was a failed release'

Capcom are naming Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles 'a failed release' after the publisher released its income reports ending 31st March 2010.

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Wolfie2957d ago

Release it with Umbrella Chronicles in HD with PS Move and Trophy support on a single BD disc

sinncross2957d ago

I second this. Would so want to play that on my PS3.

And also, Monster Hunter Tri: PS3 Capcom like it should have been in the first place.

CrazyForGames2957d ago

Monster Hunter Tri wasn't a failed release though its been pretty successful

also i don't know why people seem to think a ps3 version of MH would be different than any of the other versions
if and when they do a MH on the ps3 its going to end up being exactly just like all the other versions except for the obvious changes

all mh will always remain the same that's just how japan likes it

Hyrius2957d ago

Everything wii-related is a failure.

sinncross2957d ago

Dude.. i never said it was a failed release... just that it should be put onto the PS3.

Knushwood Butt2956d ago

@ Crazy

Monster Hunter Tri didn't sell anywhere close to Capcom's expectations.

While it sold quite well in Japan, in total it didn't get near to their forecast.

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Muletroid2957d ago

the first chronicles game actually did really well hence why this sequel was made

i bought the first one myself but didn't really bother getting the second one

Pandemic2957d ago

Yeah, first one was good, but as you said, didn't bother buying the second.

crzyjackbauer2957d ago

i bought it just for the RE2 and Code Veronica senarios
after that the game was crap

Galaxia2956d ago

Yeah I got Umbrella Chronicles too, was aactualy really surprised how good it was.

Still have picked up Dark Side Chronicles yet though. Also does anyone else think the name is weird?

Snakefist302957d ago

I agree Darkside Chronicles and Umbrella Chronicles in HD with PS Move and Trophy support on a single BD disc wud be Epic and a day 1 buy for me.

jack_burt0n2957d ago

why are ppl disagreeing they should def do a move version.

Seferoth752956d ago

I guess you missed the part where their PS3 games failed as well?
Seriously someone has to be pretty uneducated to think this is coming to Move or should come to Move in any form. Especially considering games like Bioshock, Dragon Age, Demon Souls, 3D dot heroes, Modnation, wtc all failed on PS3 and most never even achieved the sales of Darkside Chronicles.

Knushwood Butt2956d ago

Demons Souls sold 740,000 to date, while Darkside Chronicles sits at 660,000.

Not really sure what that has to do with Capcom games though. Demons Souls is a new IP too.

If you want to compare Capcom sequels of existing franchises, then try Lost Planet 2, which was also considered a failure, but still shifted 940,000.

Darkside Chronicles was just a bigger failure...

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goosepoose2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

thats what you get for working on the wii. if nintendo,mario or even zelda is not in the title it wont sell. why dont you just let western developers handle your titles, since western gamers love it when you do that. Just look at the lovely response from the dmc announcement.

capcom wants money. we want good games. they give us games like dmc4 and res 5 because we always say how we want those old games on our next generation consoles (you know, that nice old formula). It comes out and its toned down: its shorter and much easier than the previous titles. It ends up being a parody on hardcore games.

"wow look sakuja-san, these men like our games".
"yes usuapo-san we are make more money if it are appealing to more people. let us then making game easier and put it on other game consoles's. but what about our audience-san".
"eeh that are good point, let us hope that american and europe man more loyal, yes?"

They give us new ips. wow that western formula with an eastern twist. phail. CAPCOM SHOULD stop listening to us and do whatever they want. thats why dmc and re were so awesome.

capcom is in such a bad position. thanks to us. anyway i am looking forward to dmc, cause i bet you it will be better than dmc 4.

Kain812957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I never asked for Cutting Prologs or Epilogs of Games that should be on the F*CKING DISK...
I never asked to abondon their fanbase
I never asked to westernize their loved Franchises
i never asked for UNlock keys for Content that is already on the F*CKING DISK
I never asked....

The point is, its Crapcoms Fault not ours
It is their failure not ours

Not Fan-service...

Seferoth752956d ago

If not Mario,Zelda metoid it doesnt sale on Wii? LOL child time to let go of poor uneducated excuses with no bearing in reality.

Cod always sales a million on Wii.

Name ANY Wii flop. I'll name 2 PS3 games that sold less.

Capcom pissed on Wii owners for 3 years with each game promising real support if the game did well. RE4 sold better on Wii, they take RE and dumb it down to a rail shooter and promise a real RE if it succeeds. game gets almost 2 million in sales and Crapcom takes a dump on Wii owners again by announcing another rail shooter and a Saturday morning cartoon for the hardcore Wii owner. At what point should Wii owners walk away and look to Nintendo games which are always quality?

ALso funny how if I asked you why you owned a PS3, you would most likely say for all the great exclusive games. Yet Wii owners are not allowed the same. They have to buy every single crap game a company releases or we get morons like you spouting BS that you are just making up.

When Capcom puts out quality Wii owners support them. Bought more of MM9 and 10 than PS3 gamers did anyway.

Common knowledge of course but as usual you Sony gamers use your personal opinion as fact instead of actually you know, getting the information and looking into what you spout.

Knushwood Butt2956d ago

Metroid: Other M is currently selling pretty poorly..

Oh, and Resident Evil 4 did 1.78 million on Wii, and 3.26 million on PS2...

The original GC version did 1.69 million. Are you boasting that the Wii version sold better than the GC version?!

goosepoose2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

they can't be entirely blamed (95 % of it)

people want old capcom. meaning they want the old games that capcom made. But it never ends up they way we want. They believe we will buy those games on the wii. no, but they will persist.

capcom and their suspicious ways of handling dlc wont come to an end. they did abandon us because they thought we would be faithful. nah, we wont.

"yes usuapo-san we are make more money if it are appealing to more people. let us then making game easier and put it on other game consoles's. but what about our audience-san".
"eeh that are good point, let us hope that american and europe man more loyal, yes?"

and by the way capcom like rockstar can eat my sh*t. "certain" gamers always have to ask "where is the love"? capcom responds, "its always been there my angel, but it costs more now" . some people will say that these developers dont owe us anything. if it wasnt for me buying your game, you wouldnt exist.

FiftyFourPointTwo2957d ago

Glad it failed. That's what you get for putting price tags on SF4/SSF4 costumes thats already on the disk and also wasting time and money on Bionic Commando and Dark Void instead of making a next gen MegaMan and Onimusha.

-Judge_Fudge2957d ago

serves them right. this is what you get when you dont listen to you fans, the people who buy your games and shit. i hope they go bankrupt for what they did to my beloved dante

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