'Tis a sad day, fellow gamers. It is a sad day whenever any MMO passes. We are gathered here, today, to pay our final respects to the short-lived, somewhat promising, but ultimately disappointing MMO, All Points Bulletin, aka APB.

Birthed into our world of MMOs on June 29, barely three months ago, APB has announced it's rolling up the sidewalks of San Paro. On September 16, the somewhat smallish APB community was greeted with this announcement: “ Today we are sad to announce that despite everyone's best efforts to keep the service running ; APB is coming to a close. ” ( This announcement was posted under the probably unintentionally ironic heading, “ End of an Era ” . Three months. That's not even an era in the life of a fruit fly !)

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ATi_Elite3005d ago

I feel bad for the two or three people that actually liked this game but.......

It sucked and the APB developers should have made a better game with better control and better graphics and more in depth stories

instead of a cool customization system with a crap game wrapped around it.

rather play GTAIV multiplayer