GameStop sets a November 22nd release date for 3DS

GameStop adds Nintendo 3DS, games and accessories to their system, sets a November 22nd release date.

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Joule2953d ago

hell no, this is not real

Kamikaze1352953d ago

I'm sure that's the Japanese release date. I doubt the US will get it so soon.

Millah2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Why is that? You know the original DS launched in the US first, on November 21 2004, while Japan got it on December 2.

Nintendo historically likes to launch new systems in late November, and we already know Nintendo said "by March 2011" so November sounds right to me. There's no way in hell Nintendo would want to miss out on the Holiday rush for such a hot new handheld, this thing will fly off the shelves for XMas. If they launch in January-March, that would be a huge missed opportunity.

Add that to the fact that the units we saw at E3 looked to be surprisingly advanced near final units. And the fact that there has been leaks for a November launch from accessory manufacturers in Japan, as well as a leaked ad in a Japanese newspaper stating that "Nintendo would start marketing Paper Mario 3DS for its launch in November," and I'd say that you can bet this date is probably accurate. I can't wait :D

mikeslemonade2953d ago

Well Nintendo is wrong... because Gamestop has never been wrong.

ConanOBrien2953d ago

wanted to distract potential buyers of Kinect and GT5

Millah2952d ago

Also, just wanted to point out to all you guys saying "2 months is too soon after announcing the date in September, thats not enough time."

Well, in September 2006 Nintendo held a press conference to announce the Wii's release date, which was just two months later in November. And for the DS, they held a press conference in OCTOBER to announce its release one month later in November.

Nintendo is very predictable. 3DS is launching November 20-22.

pain777pas2951d ago

Millah is right on the money here. I would suspect a NA launch for Christmas get the headstart on this system. They'll sell like a least 1-2 million yes million of those systems with the media attention and honestly hardcore gamer attention that it deserves. It looks to be stronger graphically than the PSP and the PSP has some great looking games. Looks to be better than the PS2 because of RE and MGS demos. Seems to be around the gamecube and xbox range which will translate incredibly on such a small screen. Can't wait for the announcement then I pre-order.

butterfinger2949d ago

this would go alone well with the recent $20 price drops on the DSi and DSi XL at GameStop. A 3DS this year would be amazing.

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Imperator2953d ago

$250 would be way too much for a handheld. Even one as good as the 3DS.

Apotheosize2953d ago

Sounds reasonable, if you check out the Wii, the GC, and the DS they all have release dates around Nov 20th

Gitaroo2953d ago

seems a little quick, they didn't really say much about it nor announce much original games for it beside those n64 ports. EA said their first launch title for 3ds will be ship early next spring so that sound much more realistic.

KillerPwned2953d ago

I actually hope this is not real just because i don`t have the money to buy one and i think nintendo has just open lid on the 3DS not everyone knows about it so they should wait a little bit let word spread around they will make more then.

sickbird2953d ago

i thought nintendo said 2011.

butterfinger2949d ago

by March 2011. So we can assume March 2011 at the latest. Their history really does suggest this will be out in time for the holidays, though.

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