8.5 Playstation Move Review

There was no rush to buying the Playstation Move. In fact, it's not very shooter game friendly. So, since we're a shooter game website, the Playstation Move has some flaws.

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SnuggleBandit2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

"since we're a shooter game website, the Playstation Move has some flaws"

lol this "review" is laughable if you actually read it...

"build arm muscle"


Also, how can you REVIEW something based off off one game, THATS IN BETA MODE!!!

fuckitimout2956d ago

wiimote has a better refresh rate -FACT. Can't argue with specs. Look them up. But you idiots will buy anything lol move will only be used for minigames and simple games and that's where it belong. We hardcore gamers don't want it

fuckitimout2956d ago

fact>youre opinion. Hate it or love it. It is was it is. And move IS laggy. Keep that garbage to that nutra rat petting crap. DS3>move

Brklynty12956d ago

But all i hear is Nintendis nuts slapping against your face. Move isnt laggy, well not mines anyway.

FunAndGun2956d ago

I think you might be stupid.

*opens results Maury style*

....yep, you ARE stupid.

Motorola2956d ago

@Spyda Are you being serious? Or are you just that much of a hater? You win for the most retarded comment of the day unless Greenring posts something

Seraphemz2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

My brother was going to target last night and i had mentioned to him that Move had been released and he should get it. When he came back he told me that he didnt get it cause Target employees told him that Move was laggy and that he should wait for Kinect.
I was shocked so i convinced him that we should get we went back and picked up that starter kit....3hours later he was still playing it...saying that it was really fun. I asked him if he thought that it was laggy and he was like No Way.

PS. Hes a 360 fanboy.

WharenPeace2956d ago

Maybe you need to calibrate your PS Move first, or maybe the PS Eye is unable to register your Move controller because of Microsoft's large and hairy balls in your mouth...

I'm merely saying...

Nathaniel_Drake2956d ago

have you heard of the word irony?

saint_john_paul_ii2956d ago

its good to know that microsoft started their viral marketing campaign against the move by paying target LOL

MaximusPrime2956d ago


damn. you are so retarded.

you havent even tried PS move.

btk2956d ago

I have two Move controllers. Since this morning. It is being played non-stop at the moment.

Yes - there is a bit of lag with some of the games. And it does take a bit of time getting used to. For example - get the gun add-on for games like The Shoot. Otherwise it is a little bit frustrating.

The lag is in some games a little noticeable - in others you don't see any lag. The lag however is very little - even with fast movements. And it clearly tracks a lot of detail of the movement - so the amount of feedback to the controller is really good. For example - a hell of a lot more than Kinec's 30fps.

n4gno2956d ago

Desperated troll liar, just give it up, 1000 reviews are here to slap you in the face !

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Ivan Drago IV2957d ago

Move is amazing. Start the party is my fav, sports champions is awesome, the shoot is solid and I'm addicted to all of them

NegativeCreepWA2957d ago

I was surprised I enjoyed The Shoot more then Time Crisis. I was annoyed having to hold a button to lower your shield. It should be press a button to raise it not lower.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

''I was annoyed having to hold a button to lower your shield. It should be press a button to raise it not lower. ''

There is no option in game to change the Button scheme?

TooTall192956d ago

Disk golf in particular. I bet Innova would license that if the devs asked. I only tried tumble and echochrome 2 on the demo disk, and I thought those were pretty cool demos. One thing I'm really enjoying on move games is the navigation menus. They look good and work excellent.

I didn't read the review cause from the comments it looks like he based it off playing MAG. A lot of people don't like that game even with a DS3.

fuckitimout2956d ago

to bad so many gamers are mw2 nuttriders. That's ok cause it keeps codcrazies from mag to let real gamers use teamwork

WharenPeace2956d ago

I was cautiously optimistic when I got the starter pack but it has made a believer out of me.

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BYE2956d ago

This should be titled "MAG Review", not "Move Review".

Naya862956d ago

Not everything deserves a ten (or A+) to be realistic. This is a great score.I want to try it how for sure.

MysticStrummer2956d ago

As precise as the Move is, I'd say it's very shooter friendly. Developers just have to implement it in the right way. From what I've read, MAG works great with the Move. It just takes some getting used to.

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