New Onslaught gameplay of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

PS3-sense: New gameplay video that shows the new onslaught levels and weapons of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam.

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B-Real2062952d ago

It's not Onslaught mode it's Conquest and this has been floating around for at least 2 days don't bother.

plb2951d ago

Too many FPS's coming out over the next couple months. I will likely only pickup Black Ops alongside GT5 and LBP2. That should have me covered for a while.

HeroXIV2951d ago

Lol definition of "while" please? 2 of those games have infinite tracks and or levels. :P

Microsoft_Spokesman2951d ago

I'm so excited for this. Honestly BF Vietnam and BF2 were one of my two favorite games ever.

-Judge_Fudge2951d ago

wow i read this as "onslaught gameplay for marvel vs capcom" didnt even know it was battlefield

mrv3212951d ago

Just give me a rush mode with a apocalypse now themed level where you start off with your squad in a helicopter rise of the valkaries is playing and your one of your squad is piloting the helicopter, one is on the gun and the other two are riding shotgun shooting before jumping out to take the base.

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The story is too old to be commented.