XBox 360 vs PS3: Why It Doesn't Matter

For all the back-and-forth criticism seen going on between Sony devotees and so-called "Wii60 fanboys", when you look at all the cross-platform titles which are either on their way or already available, you must inevitably come to the conclusion that you're largely getting the same crap no matter which system you buy.

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Ahhhh4168d ago

"The magnitude of controversy over these systems is uncalled-for and downright stupid." - Pshhh.. Ain't That Tha Truth.

Trauma4168d ago

I totally agree this whole fanboyism crap is really annoying. Both systems are great and pretty much have the same games.

drtysouf214168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Thats why if you want to have the best experience and if you can afford it buy all 3 systems.

The Real Joker4168d ago

I agree. I have all three (and a nice PC) and its nice to know that I cannot be left out when a great game comes out. This week: Bioshock and Warhawk. YAY!

@drtysouf21..I see with your avatar that you have completely succumbed to the dark side.

Meathead: Search your feelings, Father, you can't do this. I feel the conflict within you. Let go of your hate.
Darth drtysouf21: It is too late for me, son. The Emperor will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now.
Meathead: Then my father is truly dead.

drtysouf214168d ago

Yeah i own all 3 and a high end PC too but i don't do PC gaming i prefer consoles. But i have to admit out of the 3 PS3 is my favorite but i'll be picking up Bioshock and Warhawk this week too.

ALIEN4168d ago

It really doesn't matter.

g4n4168d ago

That was good reading. Still, of the 3 lists i think the "must haves" were mostly on one console. Final Fantasy XIII, if you like RPG's you dont miss final fantasy, and you're only getting this one on the PS3. I also agree with the shooter thing. If you like that kind of thing, looks like the 360 is your best bet as that fis the only good games they seem to have (and keep getting more) Halo, GoW, Bioshock. lol name one 360 "must have" thats not a shooter =)

razer4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

There are a ton of Non-FPS games on the 360. I won't name all of them but will suggest a couple that I consider "must-haves". Dead Rising and Overlord.

The 360 also has a bunch of great RTS's, RPG's. How many RTS's does the PS3 have?? None.

Then you have upcoming titles like Blue Dragon, Two Worlds and Mass Effect with Mass Effect so far looking like a must have.

I find it funny that the most popular PS3 title is RFOM which is an FPS and the most anticipated game being Killzone 2, another FPS.

The 360 isn't all about FPS's and if you do just a bit of research into the product you would know this.

ThaGeNeCySt4168d ago

definately good read but he lost me when he said MGS4 was overrated... aside from the PS2 animations, i think the hype and attention MGS4 garners is well deserved.

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The story is too old to be commented.