SCEE Interviews Fumito Ueda

James Gallagher writes, "While I wasn’t able to attend Tokyo Game Show this year, I was able to get some questions out to Fumito Ueda, creator of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian, which is coming to PlayStation 3 in 2011."

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danmachine2958d ago

the last guardian beast is officaily called TRICO. interesting.

danmachine2958d ago

a play on words?

ICO= 1st game
the last guardian= 3rd game - trilogy

ICO+Trilogy= TRICO?

RememberThe3572956d ago

I'm pretty sure that was the nick name for the game by fans before the title was announced.

TheLastGuardian2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

This is not new info. I've known his name was Trico for over a year.

Mc Fadge2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Man eating bird, or something like that.

But yes, there's also the play on words. Shadow of the Colossus was revealed as "Nico" (Ni is 2 in Japanese, so Ni + Ico = Nico = Second Ico). Tri is also a term for 3, and it fits in that way.

Theonik2956d ago

Nah, ICO = ICO
SoTC = NICO (that was its codename and it is because of the number 2 in Japanese being "ni")
TLG = Trico (From tri which is 3 since it's the 3rd in the trilogy)


''There are so many things; it’s hard to pick just one. But most importantly, I’m always thinking about creating a game that I’d want to play but that doesn’t currently exist – I want to make that happen.''

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Bhai2956d ago

First in Ico, he went for HDR, Volumetric Light, interactive water: , cloth physics, elf shadowing etc.

Teh he went for soft-body collision(organic collision deformation) in Shadow of the Colossus...

Now he is combining the two with added "3D"... amazing!

nefertis2956d ago

damn somebody should ask him too do a rpg.

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