Final Fantasy Versus XIII footage leaks from TGS

VG247 writes : Agito XIII not enough? Here’s Versus for you

The video shows main character Noctis waiting for a car by the looks of it.

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stonecold33006d ago

for vs 13 to come out only exclusive to the ps3 day 1

CrazyForGames3006d ago

it doesn't cease to amaze me the amount of people who say and truly believe this game this SQUARE-ENIX game wll actually stay exclusive

there is no reason to believe this will stay exclusive especially since its square-enix
i never bought or trusted their word this gen nor do i have any reason to

next im gonna be seeing people who believe activision is in the business to make gamers happy

qface643006d ago

hmmm.. well no arguments there you do have a point

NecrumSlavery3006d ago

The only thing that makes me believe its exclusive is that it is built on the White engine. The Crystal engine was created to run on the 360, since the White Engine is a Cell Tech only engine. But with all those delays, they may of scrapped the whole project or are creating a redesign port on the FFXIII engine. Still when they say "you can't tell the difference between cutscenes and gameplay" all I can think is PS3. Not that cutscenes dont match gameplay on 360, but Square's cutscenes are never ingame, and to see something that looks as fluid as non ingame. They are promising something greater than Uncharted 2 and GOW3. Just a thought. Who really cares cause Square is dead to many anyway. I figured Kingdom Hearts 3 would be an Xbox game too. Why not ruin 25 years of quality for a check. When Japanese devs cater to westerners over the japanese, they usually fail bad.

Eamon3006d ago

some people are more worried about its exclusivity than playing the damn game.

EYEamNUMBER13006d ago

lol oh yeah i bet some people wont even and aren't even actually consider getting the game
im willing to bet some people only care about it being exclusive and nothing more

i honestly wouldn't be surprised in the least

CoxMulder3006d ago

Yep, and some people seem more worried about PS3-fanboys than playing the damn game.

I pity people like you, stealthily spilling your bile and paranoia..

You only pretend to be gamers.

EYEamNUMBER13006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

bile and paranoia? i take it you haven't been on N4G long to be saying such an idiotic thing

look at the comments look at the past comments and you will see there actually are people like that on here and all around the net

btw who exactly seems worried?
i wasn't aware making 1 remark about some of the more extreme fanboys = being worried about them?
that sounds like paranoia to me if anything

CoxMulder3006d ago

Even if true, so what?!

You're a gamer, right? Then act like it.

Comment on the game instead of the fanboys for a change..

You know there's a problem when there are more "anti-fanboys" in an article then there are actual fanboys themselves. Or gamers for that matter.

Both are ruining this site.

EYEamNUMBER13006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

"You're a gamer, right? Then act like it"
please by all means enlighten me tell me about this unwritten way a gamer is supposed to act

"Comment on the game instead of the fanboys for a change"
that would be true if in fact all i ever do and did was comment about fanboys which isn't the case whatsoever

if me and eamon are now considered anti fanboys in here then that makes 2 where exactly are the rest then?
because im seeing more regular fanboys in here than the so called anti fanboy

fanboys are ruinning this site because without fanboys then this so called anti fanboy wouldn't exist
besides you can't ruin something that has nothing to ruin N4G has been like this for years it was ruined a long time ago

CoxMulder3006d ago

So who are all these people you and Eamon are calling out then? I see only one..

And Eamon's comment is #1.2 How many fanboys could even have commented on this article before you guys started you negative crap?

Good job guys, you made this site a better place.. /s

rockleex3006d ago

Account for the lowest common denominators between MULTIPLE platforms.

That means it won't use the best of what the PS3 can offer, it won't even use the best of what the 360 can offer.


Content will also have to be cut because now they need to spend more development time and resources on multiple platforms therefore they no longer have enough time and resources to create all the content they originally planned.

Eamon3006d ago

lol, CoxMulder, stop with the bullshit.
You sound like you're a fanboy in denial.

Or you're a troll in which I'll stop feeding you and get outta here.


The Rock Bottom3006d ago

What? You don't know why!? If it goes to the 360 you can can bet anything that SE is gonna makes some cuts to the game to make them equal. Thats why people don't want it being muliplat dude. Just look what happened to 13. Or are you just pretending to be stupid?

CoxMulder3005d ago


yeah, that must be it.. I'm a fanboy. lol

You sound like a 12 y/o spoiled brat who's too stupid to realize he's actually like a cancer to this site.

"seriously most of you guys are always off-topic about its exclusivity.

Talk about the actual game goddamit >,<"

#1.1.5 16h ago by Eamon

Hypocrite much? F'king stealth troll.

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Kain813006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

couldn´t agree more

Edit: here is a new upload

JoySticksFTW3006d ago

I wish I could Plus Bubbles x 1000 for your hook-up

I went to look for the trailer and it's been blocked by SE everywhere

The gaming community comes through again :)

Hanif-8763006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Thank you, i couldn't see it because square enix pulled almost all of them. Nevertheless, it looks so f*cking good though and the graphics and combat animations look really good... even though you can expected them to look way better because its so far away from release.

gtamike3006d ago

I found a download link on the web for the MP4 of Final Fantasy Versus XIII TGS.

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Quagmire3006d ago

This looks so damn awesome! love the darker tone in style compared to the rainbows candies and lollipops that was ffxiii

Kurisu3006d ago

Actually, it was sugar and rainbows!

cyborg3006d ago

I can't wait for this one

darthdevidem013006d ago

Sings "MY HANDS" in Happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Styile3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I knew this would get leaked. Not really feeling the way he runs but whatever, and the combat looks pretty slow but it'll probably be better when I actually get to play the game..hopefully. This trailer really doesn't live up to the hype the game has built tho these past few years. Just my opinion. I bet its a multi plat.

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