OXCGN’s R.U.S.E. Debriefing: Tactical Success or Failure?


"R.U.S.E. is a real time strategy game that gives the player fast-paced action when playing multiplayer that keeps you on your toes. If you don’t pay attention for one second, that could be the difference between a win and a loss...

Strategy is a main part of the game and the tactics required are different from normal real-time strategy games so I will review this game a bit differently.

For fun, today’s debrief will feature the Allies’ representative Sheridan, who is the main character in the single-player campaign, and the German’s representative,Von Richter, who is the main antagonist in the game. They will discuss two topics: the disappointing campaign and the unique gameplay."

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BadCircuit2958d ago

It is disappointing that the campaign is not that great but the multiplayer sounds good, but I don't buy games just for their multiplayer so I will probably not get this game.

gaminoz2958d ago

I wonder if Endwar is better or worse than this one...or just different?

I wish we had a Rome Total War, or Age of Empires type strategy game for the 360.

DoctorQ2958d ago

i dunno, RTS games on consoles are always a bit fiddly...

gaminoz2958d ago

Actually I'd be interested to know what the game plays like on Move...

XboxOZ3602958d ago

Or kinect, but I believe it does work with MS's tabletop software, as I saw something very similar at a MS event earlier in the year here in Australia.

The video does look appealing, but having had a little bash at it, it seems exceptionally quick in its pacing.

There certainly hasn't been a great deal of push for it before or after release. Unlike earlier on when it was announced.

Godem2958d ago

Sorry im too busy playing Starcraft 2.

outrageous2958d ago

The demo looks okay I guess...8/10 is a pretty good score.

Belgavion2957d ago

Got bored during the demo tutorial. I really should give it another chance though