GameSpot: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam First Look

GameSpot writes: "EA hasn’t been shy about releasing regular post-launch content updates for its Battlefield Bad Company 2 game since the title went on sale earlier this year. Six free map packs have been released in total, tacking on additional maps at no cost and giving the already brimming online community of shooters something new to play with. Teased briefly at this year’s E3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam marks a turning point in the DLC strategy, reskinning and aging the existing multiplayer game to provide players with the same shooter experience they've come to know and love, and moved it into a different time period. EA was showing off the expansion at its TGS 2010 press conference, and we got our hands on it".

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Montrealien2958d ago

By far one of my favorite PC battlefields, I am excited about this game. But the real question is this, can I have my own music when I get into vehicles? There was something very awesome about playing Prodigy`s FireStarter as I hoped into my F4 to go Napalm people, lol

chak_2958d ago

prodigy in vietnam? :s

Johandevries2957d ago

Respect the time of that setting, don't listen Prodigy

Well this is some fitting music

Quagmire2958d ago

" EA reps on hand at the event confirmed that B:BC2 Vietnam will not include any single-player component and will be entirely focused on expanding online competitive and cooperative play."

Boo, I was gonna buy this on account of a single-player mode. oh well

Johandevries2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

EA's milky plans don't allow enough development time for that (like... the required month extra to incorporate the poss. of offline battles like the old BF Vietnam)