Realtime Worlds announces the closure of APB

After yesterdays rumors circulated that APB and developer Realtime Worlds would be closing, a newsposting on the main APB website has confirmed the rumors. APB is set to shut down at an unforseen date, and the developers have all expressed their condolences.

The servers are still online for now, and no date has been set for the final shutdown.

APB has also just released a patch known as the TrueSkill ruleset, where players can fight without upgraded weapons, relying on their skill and their skill only.

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Raikiri2957d ago

Should have come to consoles

cyborg2957d ago

that is in the consoles is more successful than World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Starcraft 2 or Runescape? How would have that made more sense?

lzim2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

on console, the scope of the game and limited still of game play would have made more sense, it would be an extension to the Home experience on PS3 and a filler experience on Xbox. It could have worked if there was a way monetize the game and fit it onto console platforms (it hardly runs well on more modest computers).

But console owners while there isn't a platinum XBL subscription, have no extra money to pay monthly fees to play a game. if you're paying $100-$200 a year for XBL though, such access could be worthwhile if you're also buying content for the game as you go. Same things can be said about NFS World. There's no reason for that game to not be on console and for it to be so trashy (based on older games, and also not including Burnouts cars (as DLC) and gameplay).

Christopher2957d ago

Actually, if it came to consoles it would have ended a lot earlier.

The problem is that this type of MMO without an overarching storyline, leveling system, and pretty much a paid subscription plan to do what most can do for free with CoD or Halo is what buried it. They should have gone the Guild Wars route instead, they would have been able to make the necessary profit, keep P2P capabilities going for a lot longer than dedicated servers, and use expansions/DLC/in-game store to continue to fund profits.

silvacrest2957d ago

and the overall lack of structure found in other MMO's

if it had proper missions like any GTA but adapted for a MMo game i guarantee it would still be going

Persistantthug2957d ago

PC gamers don't LOVE GTA type games.
Who does?

Console gamers do.

Business 101: You sell your sh17 to people that want it.

That's not rocket science.
These guys were dumb before they even launched the game.

Persistantthug2957d ago

A GTA MMO for console is a console gamers dream.

GTA MMO for PC gamers is a "meh....maybe".

Charmers2956d ago

@ Persistantthug - the reason GTA does not sell as well on the PC as the consoles is down to a lot of factors. The principle one being it is released nearly a year later than the consoles. By the time Rockstar get around to a PC version people have lost interest or played it on the consoles.

APB had every chance of being a massive success. The reason it wasn't is not down to it being on the PC (the home of MMO's). The reason APB failed is because it was absolutely DIRE. The driving was awful (1 sec delay in your car reacting) and the shooting was pathetic.

The thing is Beta testers told them about this from the very first test night (I was one of them) and they chose to totally ignore the Beta testers. Now couple that with the fact the game was bug ridden, didn't even look that good and wasn't even strictly an MMO it was a recipe for disaster. It was completely irrelevant what platform it was released on.

If APB had been released as a console only game it still would've died a death, the game was THAT BAD.

Persistantthug2956d ago

I'm not even saying some PC gamers don't have fun with GTA...

What I'm saying is Console gamers fiend for a game like this and as a game developer, they were SUPPOSED to recognize this and get it in their hands by any means necessary.

They didn't do that, and that told me what I needed to know about the game and the developers from the get go.....

That they are low brow and bad planners to boot.

Again....You sell your sh17 to people that want it....
that goes for any business....otherwise, you are not in business.

Case in point.

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bjornbear2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

this is an epic fail

isn't APB one of the most expensive games ever?

this really sucks =/ well...take big risks, take big falls.


ooh ok, cheers for the info. Maybe thats why it failed?!? too bad either way, that is a lot of money down the drain regardless

Christopher2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

For the development of a mainstream MMO, that's actually nothing. You really can't put MMOs game development costs on the same lists as non-MMO releases.

Even worse, analysts say anyone expecting to compete for a top spot in the MMO world will need to invest at least half a billion dollars to compete. They believe that Blizzard's new MMO will have costs upwards of a billion, and they're only competing against themselves.

DavidMacDougall2956d ago

Sucks for the people that paid for this game and now there just taking the online away without a sorry?

lzim2957d ago

greed, an over saturated market for this type of game plus an imploded commercial market for games, over ambition on a game that wasn't appealing (as shipped)...

silvacrest2957d ago

this specific genre (GTA style MMO) is not saturated at all, realtime worlds were breaking new ground but it lacked things people who play MMO's care about, proper story, proper missions and proper leveling like someone above said

Kain812957d ago

They had an ambitios Project...

YoshiMeetsU2957d ago

And to think this whole time RTW could of been working on a real+good Crackdown sequel instead of the DLC remake we got.

Bad decisions all around for everyone connected and involved in this company.

Once they said PC only for APB and passed by on the Crackdown sequel I knew it was a train wreck in the making.

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