Plasma grenade vs. wall = extreme Halo fail

Do you look before you throw a baseball? Yes. Now let’s take that common knowledge and apply it to grenades, people... This guy did not, and his lack of judgment (and brains) spawned this hilarious Halo fail.

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Jaybad542954d ago

This isnt funny at all.

BubbleSystemSuck2954d ago

what the hell?

i found this, MY VIDEO more funny

or my PS3

Jaybad542954d ago

Not funny. Damn nice PS3 though dude

iamnsuperman2954d ago

I was surprised this got approved.....BTW really nice looking PS3 how much did it cost

Hellsvacancy2954d ago

PLEASE, add even more pointless videos on N4G

WildArmed2954d ago

Nice! Slick ps3 dude!

Btw, I've had more suicides in bad company 2 w/ my epic grenade throws then I can count.

EeJLP-2954d ago


That's no fail. He was rushing and it clipped the wall instead of going into the doorway to kill the guy coming toward him. Unless you have 100% accuracy, then that's normal gameplay on any FPS.

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GiantMeatStalk2953d ago

Agreed. Totally not at all amusing.
Is this what really tops the 360 "news"?

FamilyGuy2953d ago

The characters in Uncharted 2 actually yell out things like "Ooooh Shiiit!" when you drop a grenade too close to yourself. As well as it being red on your screen.

This vid really lacked in the lulz department, i am very disappointed.

MGRogue20172954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

... I've only epic fail'd once in this game so far..

While in MP, I accidentally threw a 'nade straight above me.. & it landed right on top of my spartan's helmet just before it blew him to smithereens. xD

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Red_Phoenix2954d ago

Oh my! This is ground breaking news right here! /s

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The story is too old to be commented.