Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Pack Details Incoming

Details are finally starting to trickle in with Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Expansion Pack. The expansion pack will be launching with 4 distinct new maps that will be playable on all 4 multiplayer game modes. There are 15 "new" Vietnam-era weapons along with 6 new vehicles including the HUEY!!

The Expansion pack is integrated with the full game so you will continue to rank up and unlock achievements and badges no matter what war you choose to participate in.

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xxxAnubisxxx3007d ago

Some infomation on Vietnam - Been waiting forever!

lostinplace3007d ago

Glad to finally have some information on Vietnam.

Convas3007d ago

Sounds like it'll be awesome, can't wait for this and the Alan Wake DLC!

DTMBSquid3007d ago

Been waiting a couple months for this info.

yarbie10003007d ago

49 Tracks from 60's and 70's - Thats the highlight for me

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The story is too old to be commented.