Beautiful new Fable III screenshots

Gamersmint : Microsoft just released some brand new shots for their upcoming RPG, Fable 3 at their TGS booth. These showcase some amazing sorcery aswell as various classes – warriors, mages, etc

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prongs1232981d ago

awesome :D. Fable 3, after Reach, seems another of the MS Killer titles!

Tommykrem2981d ago

Fable III is revolutionizing something allright. The word "Beatiful". Never has it meant so little!

No, this looks good. But we must remember that words like "beatiful" and "realistic" has been used when commenting GT5 and should therefore not be tossed around to so many other games.

Rowland2980d ago

well, beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder here!

I'm afraid they are as cartoony & goofy as ever - Fable games would be right at home on the Wii.