Why Zombie Games Are Awesome

We just can't resist the infection.

MMGN: With the upcoming release of Dead Rising 2, it’s time revisit why we love zombie games so much. Those brain dead monsters aren’t exactly cuddly, but why are they so appealing? Listed below are reasons why zombie games are so awesome.

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CatGlue2953d ago

That's why Dead Rising is my favourite game, chop chop chop till you drop! Any games without Zombies are just boring. :P

dark-hollow2953d ago

The best thing about zombies in gaming that they can hurt you only in point blank and they are slow as hell

Jeannius2953d ago

Except for the fast and special zombies

tom0472953d ago

i have to say im not much for zombie games..i like the point about melee weapons, and the zombies being the masses haha

Jeannius2953d ago

I LOVE zombie games they just have this certain appeal to them. My fav game is L4D :D

Gaetano2953d ago

I'm over zombie games. Dead Rising is OK, but the save system killed it for me. Case Zero hasn't increased my interest. The old RE games are still the best zombie games to date, even if they don't have actual zombies. Close enough.

TheDarkGuyv3r2953d ago

I'm a huge L4D fan so I can't gen enough of Zombie games, even PvZ :P

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