TGS: First look at Dead Space: Extraction on PlayStation

Nick Chetser writes " As a Wii port, it looks unsurprisingly cleaner and sharper than on Nintendo's console, with visuals "remastered" for high definition. Extraction will support cooperative play for two PlayStation Move controllers; what was demoed in Tokyo played nearly identical to the game that was released on the Wii last year. No Move controllers? No worries - the game will support both DualShock 3 and SIXAXIS controllers as well"

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qface645004d ago

*squints eyes*
oh i can see the difference.... oh wait nevermind...

CrazyForGames5004d ago

you said it from what everyone was saying i was expecting like an enhanced version or something

Chubear5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )


ExplosionSauce5004d ago

I'm not even sure this is really the PS3 version.

I think Destructoid is showing us Wii screens. They're not even in HD wide 16:9 format.

SilentNegotiator5004d ago

Definitely the Wii version or else just a SD capture.

That's Destructoid for you.

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EYEamNUMBER15004d ago

a tv? silly but these are computers were all using

jack_burt0n5004d ago

computers cant be used on screens 42" +!?

point taken if it ends up running @ 480 like those screenshots we are being lied to for sure.

Christopher5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )

Yeah, those screenshots aren't doing much to sell me on the game.

Edit: Ah, part of the issue is that Destructoid's image gallery stretches the images a bit. Look at them in their original format at the links below. They look better, but not really up to HD standards.




qface645004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )

that doesn't really look any better i mean i can only imagine what this would look like on my 42 inch HD tv

Christopher5004d ago

It at least looks better than the stretched screenshots in the linked photo gallery.

I agree with you not looking very good for HD standards, which I said above. Hopefully they improve on them and utilize some upscaling software for those with 40"+ TVs.

jack_burt0n5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )


hd move walkthrough it looks pretty good.

looking forward to it!

Christopher5004d ago

That looks a whole lot better than the screenshots. Thanks for the link.

Odin7775004d ago

Yeah it looks fun. And I'll be getting it with Dead Space 2 so it'll be quite a bargain.

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BubbleSystemSuck5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )

this game is FREE with the PS3 version... why all the "not HD" whining.
Like FrontLine with MoH

mac_sparrow5004d ago

because a sizeable percentage of consumers this console generation have developed a misplaced sense of entitlement.

SSKILLZ5004d ago

just like when Resident evil 4 was ported to Ps2....any way both fun and awesome games! . i played extraction on the wii and i got to say it's a really great game
love the integration of the video log voice coming out of the wii controller it made the experience more legit.

Glad this is coming are way!

5004d ago
rekof5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )

didn't they just say full HD at the conference ? that means 1920×1080P
so I think this screens are not real,.. they cannot be,..

Looks fine to me,.. Anyway a great game,.. One of best on-rail shooters Ive played in years,.. So I am really glad we get it for free with Dead space,.

jack_burt0n5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )


yeah looks great, its a great idea for move owners.

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-Foxtrot667d ago

Dead Space Extraction better than the original Dead Space?


lucian229666d ago

I played all three. Didn't find them fun, just had nothing to play. I don't think I beat third game though. Combat was super clunky, graphics and art design were ugly imo, story in first game wasn't too bad, rest were meh.

Over hyped series imo, also it doesn't help horror games don't scare me, so I guess that's a big reason for me too.

MIDGETonSTILTS17666d ago

Play Alien Isolation on Hard or Nightmare.

Start on the movie DLC so that you don’t have to play a bunch of campaign in order to find out if you’ll be scared.

lucian229666d ago

I heard that was a good one. Honestly vr games scare me with jump scares because of how the threat feels real.