Rumour: 3D Dot Game Heroes 1.01 Patch To Add Sackboy, Gameplay Improvements

If a leak (that has now been taken down) by a poster on the Atlus forums is to be believed, a 3D Dot Game Heroes 1.01 patch is headed our way, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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BannedForNineYears2959d ago

I still haven't picked this game up!!!!!!!!!!!!
I forgot all about it.......
Too bad I start school on Monday. ~_~

Forbidden_Darkness2959d ago

How is this game? It's on my maybe buy list of games down the road if i get time (along with sacred 2 and etc), but im not quite sure about it.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2957d ago

so-so....its almost identical in feel to the legen of zelda. its a rental though. the loading screens for this are ridiculous, you go across one part of the map and cross over and bam.................loading screen. little picture of characters in the game takes like 3-5 seconds, just annoying. the graphics do not warrant the loading time I think it is just out of nostalgia to add them (think resident evil 1 when you open a door or go to the stairs)

rent it at some point if you liked nes zelda, but no way would I rec buying it.