F.E.A.R. Coming To The PlayStation 3?

Following all the news about F.E.A.R. from yesterday, I have one more interesting bit of news about the PC-to-console port. Besides coming to the Xbox 360, F.E.A.R. will also be coming to the PS3. Upon a visit to the ESRB website, besides finding new Xbox Live Arcade titles, I found a listing for F.E.A.R. as a PS3 title. Perhaps this is the news that will be the big announcement next Thursday when hits zero hour.

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TheMART4513d ago

First off, I don't think ESRB is a site to get a scoop on for Vivaldi. I rather say it's a slip-up from the website and done it wrong.

I guess otherwise the gameproducer would have been the first one to mention this.

Untill I've read something somewhere otherwise, I guess it'll only be on the 360

achira4512d ago

ppl should ignore this kid.

TheMART4512d ago

Well actually I give you facts again unless you, who should be ignored actually.

Vivendi has stated nowhere that a PS3 version will be made period. So keep dreaming. If you want F.E.A.R. on a console go buy a 360

zypher4512d ago

"Vivendi has stated nowhere that a PS3 version will be made period."

well so. Ubisoft has stated nowhere that Assassins Creed is coming to the 360, but that hasn't stopped the hoards of 360 fanboys from proclaiming that it will.

TheMART4512d ago

Again things are different there:

Actually AC was shown on X05 first on the 360 running. Ubisoft themselves also stated something on all questions about it. They said, at this point in time other versions are not announced. If it wouldn't come to 360, or let's say it would be a PS3 exclusive they would have said: "AC won't be on 360", or "AC is an PS3 exclusive". After numerous questions they still didn't say these sentences.

I guess the game running last year on a 360 says enough. They haven't said they stopped that proces, nothing cancelled is still coming in my opinion. It's more proof then only mentioning something on a ESRB site period

zypher4512d ago

and have you read ANYWHERE where it specifically says that FEAR ISN'T coming to the PS3? i have no doubt that Assassins Creed is coming to the 360...eventually. but still, i'm not holding my breath until i have some concrete evidence other than fanboys playing on words. but even still, should AC eventually come to the 360 i'd STILL get it for my PS3, for the same reasons i'd get FEAR for my 360 even if PS3 got it; because those games would be available on those respective systems FIRST. so, if the ESRB lists FEAR as a PS3 game, then let the Sony fanboys have their moment to hope and wish; its no different than you hoping/wishing that AC comes to the 360.

and also, just because AC was shown at X05 doesn't mean that it couldn't have gotten canceled. its unlikely that 360's AC got canceled, but it isn't implausible

TheMART4512d ago

It's to soon after F.E.A.R. could be on PS3 when F.E.A.R. 2 (it will get another title though because Monolith doesn't own the brand) will be done next year. That's why I think F.E.A.R. won't be on PS

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achira4512d ago

this is old news but a nice too. but i played this game on pc, so there is no need for me.

TheMART4512d ago

which news is old? There is no announcement for F.E.A.R. on PS. If you have links of that old news that Vivendi says it will, drop them. Fact's please

achira4512d ago

haha theMart you are a joke. this game comes to the ps3. go make suicide now. lol

TheMART4512d ago

Again achira, no facts. But I expect nothing else from a 10 year old kid that buys toys=playstation

If you ever grow up, you'll buy stuff for adults like the 360

Gamer134512d ago

Dam whos nows i rather the 360 version, it says its coming the 360 first so 360 version for me.


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