Second Ps3 Starter Pack Planned?

Following the successful PlayStation 3 starter pack containing a ps3 console, Resistance Fall of Man, MotorStorm and two Sixaxis, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe intends to renew the experiment with a second Pack planned for September 19 at the cost of 599.99 euros. This new pack will contain a PS3 ,2 sixaxis controllers and two new additional games as well ,namely Heavenly Sword and Formula One.Stay tune for an official conformation maybe at next weeks Leipzig Games Convention in Germany...

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alexander22rednaxela6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

Why not just drop the price in stead, so the consumer can deside for him self what games to by and some peoples does not even need a second controller?

Some consumers only want the blu-ray player.

doshey6177d ago

well if that is the case then sony should just make a 500 unit coming with a hdmi cord 2 blu ray movies

ALI-G6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

PRICE CUT is what i am waiting for.
none of these two games interest me plus none of them support 2 players so why not cut the price instead of putting another controller
they should do what microsoft do in retailers , they sell console + games of your choice for certain amount £ so you chose the bumdle you want.plus what about the people who are not 18 yet ? or want to buy specfic game , they will have to throw another 40£.

Mr VideoGames6177d ago

this Console hasn't even been out that Long and it's already on its Second Starter pack, but even i have to Admit getting 2 Controllers and 2 games is a GREAT DEAL but thats not the Point why are they already trying to increase the Value of this Thing im sure when games come out people will Buy i mean i think people see the Value in it but no one wants one cause they don't have any Killer Apps or Good Titles on it Right now, and it doesn't Exactly make them look good right now when the start Bundling one of there Best Titles out right now "heavenly Sword" but i didn't like it but you know still doesn't look good

SonyDefenseForce6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

especially for the Game Title, getting it free is not a good way to say "this a killer Game" this might hurt the PS3 by telling Consumers the System isn't doing very we'll

Rageanitus6177d ago

They are still making a big loss on t he hardware itself when selling at this price.

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astroboy2k56177d ago

Who cares what games you get in the bundle. If you dont like the games dont open them and return them for store credit.

QuackPot6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

They need to reduce those losses by keeping the price high.

They also need to get rid of old SKUs and replace them with the newly manufactured SKUs which hopefully have benefited from cheaper production costs. Least we forget that the rumble controller will be returning soon so they also need to get rid of all the non-rumble controllers.

This is merely the calm before the storm. Or preparing the ground for something big this Christmas. Price drop & Rumble? Fingers crossed.

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thereapersson6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

This is turning into the Sega Saturn situation all over again!

edit: i should elaborate because some of you guys don't know how to look back into the past and see that Sega also offered games packaged with the Saturn as "value packs". That's all I was referring to; no negativity against the PS3's sales or anything like that.

Real Gambler6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

As the title said...

Mu5afir6176d ago

The Ps1 and Ps2 also had value packs, the 360 had value packs 6 months into it's life span. And if you do remember the Wii is essentially a value pack, since it comes with Wii Play already included.

Mattguy6177d ago

Putting resistance in the pack is what they should have done from the very start-nothing on the ps3 beats resistance(currently) And putting a second controller is smart because every one owning resistance has a buddy wanting to play co-op garunteed. They just have to make sure that they leave the normal non-starter pack ps3's out there because like many have already pointed out theres people who might just want the cheap blu-ray.

Mr VideoGames6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

My Grampa bought a PS3 just to watch movies on it lol

Real Gambler6177d ago

He said "nothing on the ps3 beats resistance(currently) " Not nothing on every consoles beat Resistance!!!!

Personally, Motorstorm is definitively up there as well with Resistance, so HS and Motorstorm may have been a better choice!...

Guess they had too many F1 on the shelf... : )

alexander22rednaxela6177d ago

Oblivion got higher scores than RestiFOM.

thereapersson6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

Uh, I read the article. I was mainly referring to the fact that the Saturn came with games packaged in with it as a "value pack" back in the day.

And 360 fanboy? Yeah, kind of hard to be one of those when the only next-gen system I own is the PS3...

edit: no problem d00d. Just like to keep things legit and real, ya know?

Real Gambler6177d ago

The fanboy comment was for the next fellow, not you! I edited it. Very stupid mistake, simply hit the wrong reply button.

Back to the subject, I'm not too keen either about "value pack" either, but was simply curious about the Sega Saturn comment. I believe pretty much every consoles ever sold had one "value pack" at least in their life, so I wasn't sure if you meant it was bad for Sega or not.

Curiously yours, and sorry again for the wrong comment!

Salvadore6177d ago

They should release a starterpacker with Warhawk with Rachet/clank.

ALI-G6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

because this will make the pack accessible by more people,

Salvadore6177d ago

You have 2 games, one accessible for children and another one accessible for the mature audience.