Star Wars Kinect alive and well

Terminal Reality briefly mentions it on on its official site.

"Whew – That was a big secret to keep!" says the developer. "We can't say much about it right now, but we're chomping at the bit to show you more."

The video shown during E3 2010, which you can see below, suggests Star Wars Kinect is an on-rails third-person action game in which the player wields an imaginary lightsaber and duels Darth Vader.

Microsoft's promised exciting Kinect-related news at its Tokyo Game Show press conference, scheduled for this Thursday. Could Star Wars Kinect play a part?

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iamnsuperman4577d ago

Star Wars should never be played on rails

40cal4577d ago

Am I the only one that thinks that games like this would be better suited for MOVE?

Shadow Flare4577d ago

Star Wars would be the perfect game for move. It honestly could make the best star wars game ever

callahan094576d ago

Star Wars is absolutely more suited for Move. If The Force Unleashed 2 sells decently enough, then we'll have Force Unleashed 3 and it will utilize Move.

rockleex4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

What next?

Rock Band without the drums or guitars? Not even the conventional controller?

In fact, Microsoft could take it a step further and not even include the Kinect camera.

Absolutely no user input.

Lets just all play air guitar, air piano, point fingers at each other saying "pew pew pew".

Oh wait, Ubisoft already did that with Laser Tag for the PC. -_-"

nveenio4576d ago

This game and the Kinect: Harry Potter game would both be better on Move. Fortunately, Move has Sorcery. MS is just trying to get recognizable franchises to create Kinect games. It's a smart sales move, but I think that even the casual players that pick it up will wind up in disappointment.

MartinGlow4576d ago

And yet it first comes to a controllerless system? What in the hell.

BlackBusterCritic4576d ago

But I believe the game is fake anyway. Just look at the movement of the lightsaber and the jedi. He moves the light saber as if a real person was swinging an object in their hands around. We already know Kinect has problems detecting body movements alone, so that included with mapping a lightsaber into the players hands makes the trailer absolutely fake. Milo was said to be real OVER AND OVER again, but look how it turned out. It went from this FANTASTIC A.I. VIRTUAL BOY that recognizes you & responds to what you're saying, to a simple YES or NO path game. Its basically ME2's paragon & renegade system. Anything hyped to be "worth" anything with Kinect is rendered a lie in my book.

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Bigpappy4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

It is not due until fall next year. I am not sure why everyone is saying it is on rails. I see the character in the video using a "force push" to glide in the direction he wants to move in. In any event, I will leave my judgement until closer to release.

Off topic: Why is Kinect and the games I said I wanted for it moving up Amazon charts all of a sudden? Anyone has any idea? It has even moved pass the Move again in the top 100, and along with that, K-Sports is at 50 with Dance Central and Your Shape Fitness not far behind. Interesting. There must be some mainstream news we are not getting on N4G. Or may be my list was compelling? Nah!

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oldjadedgamer4577d ago

No one doubts that kinect will sell, we just wonder why an "informed" gamer would want it?

Any answer besides sales?

xAlmostPro4576d ago

actually the only moves your doing is the waving of your lightsaber and yeah he done a force push.. the fast glide thing looks to be the uncontrolled movement of getting to each part of the stage.. sort of like those parts in time crisis you shoot a bunch of guys then it moves by itself to the next part.. :/

xAlmostPro4576d ago

so basically its catch the red bullets instead of balls? lol :/..

not trying to seem like a troll here(although i will so this comment is pointless) but it really does seem like that re-skined as star wars..

i totally agree its not a game that should be restricted to from what it showed 2 moves :/

Nitrowolf24577d ago

if it is on rails then that is the biggest fail ever
this game looks like it could be a good title for Kinect, but rails is a no-no

iamnsuperman4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

problem is it has to be.....How can you move fluidly in different directions with the kinect

R2D24577d ago

are not developers, only gamers - just because we can not think of a way to implement movement on kinect, that does not mean that developers cant.

Cevapi884577d ago

what? lifting your feet up and down to move?? that didnt take much brain power to figure really think they are going to develop some amazing way for it work without rails??

iamnsuperman4577d ago

All I was saying though is to move left and right would mean turnning you body to move your legs left and right but that means turning away from the screen which is [email protected] I hope they do think of something because what we saw at E3 (Star wars on Rails) is not promising

xAlmostPro4576d ago

@R2D2 actually its not hard to think.. the only possible ways are buy walking on the spot or actually walking(which couldnt be done because you might end up at distances or directions kinect cant handle so it would have to be walking on the spot lol.. its on rails is what im saying lol

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mcstorm4576d ago

Kinect can pickup if you walk forward or back by getting closer and further away from the sensor plus they could make you move by dropping down your lightsaber and then moving forward and back and then raise it to stop and fight. but lets just wait and see what the developers can do with Kinect and move before any one comes out and slags them off.

Motorola4577d ago

How can this work without a controller? The only thing that kinect can do with this game is just "the force"....actually if u had 2 move controllers it would work too...

MicroSony4Life4577d ago

I know it defeats the whole You are the controller theme but MS is trying to draw the Wii crowd in with this slogan and I think they will achieve that.

Once the casuals are in MS will then start to focus on it hardcore fanbase with the control for Kinect - plus its much cheaper to release Kinect with just the camera.

Moonboots4576d ago

Doing "the force" without holding anything is the whole novelty of Kinect. If I'm doing it with 2 move controllers I might as well just be holding a DS3.

I have faith in the development community to come up with some interesting ways at controls using Kinect. I'm sure there will be lots of fail but if one gets it right it will become standard. You/we/us are not necessarily the smartest guys in the room.

Shadow Flare4577d ago

this game is a little case study as to why 99% of kinetc games will be utter horse trollop. If you have no buttons, it means traditional games do not work. They will either be on-rails crap, (see above), or super basic eyetoy games (clap clap! spin around! jump! Isnt this $150 of fun!!!)

And that is why kinetc will fail. Or at least have no games worth mentioning.

plenty a tool4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

and i agree that kinetic will be even more shit than move. but i just wish you sony fanboys would stfu! i only come into kinetic articles to see the level of fanboyism displayed by no life idiots like yourself.

remember shadowfanboy, not every ps3 owner is a sony nutsack loving loser

Natsu X FairyTail4577d ago

The footage is fake because you dont see the guy get touched even once by all the bullets flying at him. It's like watching a Cut-scene.

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