GameTrailers - Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

Spider-Man's inter-dimensional escapade is here, but are four Spideys better than one

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Rrobba5027d ago

I was hoping for a higher score...but oh well, it still looks OK.


I played this game today at best buy and I liked it, so Im thinking about picking it up. Don't depend on these "game reviews"they are just one guys opinion, try it out for yourself and determine whether you like it or not.

number475026d ago (Edited 5026d ago )

Its a shame, but no one will take your advice.

Reviews this gen aren't what they used to be in the past. Before it was all a boys-club, you could trust that most GAMERS would have the same opinion you do, lets be honest, most games have a basic formula of being good or not. You can usually tell from gameplay videos/previews..whether or not its something you'd buy.

But now at days people would buy Too-Human or Haze if it was AAA, just because it was AAA.

Try it out.. decide yourself.

What does some fat paid off nerd -- so that the publisher can put a quote on a box -- have that you dont? When it comes to having an opinion. such dishonesty out there.

Reviews now equal to the hype of the game, and the political standpoint of the website reviewing it. Reviews without scores(epens) are the way to go.

Fucking Sheep.

maniacmayhem5027d ago

It gets an extra point from me since I heard Spider-Ham is in it.

Lovable5027d ago

I need to sign up just to view the video? Screw it.

dirthurts5027d ago

Just go to gametrailers.com it's on the main page. Where are you at?

rekof5027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

What is he talking about,.
There have been few decent spidy games,.. I mean nothing AAA,..but still
Actually this might be fun ,..

OneSneakyMofo5027d ago

I'll still rent it. It looks like a decent game.

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blackblades368d ago

Didn't they already have that as a costume in the previous game.

purple101368d ago

There sure was a super sweet looking cell shaded suit. Made you feel like your actually playing a comic.

shinoff2183368d ago

The look is perfect we got enough games in that art style.

S2Killinit367d ago

It would still be sick though. And I dont mean cell shading to cut corners. It would have to be amazing like the movies themselves.

potatoseal367d ago

I too would like a whole game with the entire world looking like the animated movie. It could be awesome

jznrpg367d ago

I like this style better imo

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