Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption - Perfect Scores (10/10)

According the latest word on the net, the first official review of the upcoming Wii exclusive game, Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption, is in from Nintendo Power. They give the game a perfect score of 10/10.

Reasons :
- First Wii game that you couldn't confuse graphically with last-gen
- Great artwork
- Incredible feeling of immersion
- Flawless level design; tons of freedom to explore but you always have the feeling that you're at the right place at the right time. Sounds like the game does a remarkable job of nudging you as to what to do without giving it away.
- Best platforming design in a first person shooter
- Gestures for pulling levers, etc markedly improved from earlier demos


Yup it has been confirmed to be true, check the alternate source below.

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resistance1005222d ago

Lack of online killed this game for me.

paul_war5222d ago

Or any multi-player at all!

zslash5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

Are you serious? Lack of online killed the game for you? When has Metroid ever been an online type game?

Metroid is about story, and exploration elements. I'm guessing you never even played a Metroid game...

Marceles5222d ago

Why does every game have to have *in monster truck announcer voice* "64-player online deathmatch mayhem?!"

I'll be picking this one up.

jadura4505222d ago

Sorry, I'm a bit dizzy from reading the 2nd most positive review I have ever read (next to Ocarina of Time) on IGN about BioShock... I think that singleplayer gaming is an experience that has not been and cannot be replaced by multiplayer. If multiplayer was left out to create a more robust and enjoyable experience in singleplayer, then so be it.

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iceice1235222d ago

Nintendo rating it's own game highly? Who would have thought.

bym051d5222d ago

Nintendo Power is routinely objective and critical of big Nintendo games...

Wait, even I can't say this with a striaght face. Nintendo Power probably creamed themselves over Donkey Kong Jr. Math or Gyromite.

I think Corruption will be a great game. I just don't trust NP's reviews for this type of thing.

vickers5005222d ago

No game deserves a perfect 10. Especially not the 3rd game in a trilogy that still has no online play.

TheMART5222d ago


First off, in its own time period a game can get a 10 out of 10.

Why? Because games keep getting better over time in graphics etc. That's why a 10 now can be a perfect NOW. A 10 in about 2 years time is a different story. Its not like a game with a 9 now is the same as a game with a 9 that got it 5 years ago.

Thus: yeah a game should be able to receive a 10 out of 10. Why otherwise would that mark be there?

Second: trilogy or not. A great game is a great game. First in line, or third. Doesn't matter. If it's good, it's good.

Last: no online/multiplayer. Also: nowadays online/multiplayer has almost become 'standard', but if a game is really, really good in singleplayer, it still should have the change on 10 out of 10.

Bioshock has a single player I've not experienced many times in my gaming life (at least from the demo up till now). No multiplayer though. But I don't care. The 10's it gets are in place.

If Metroid Prime 3 is such a game, it deserves a 10. I am glad for the Wii, because there wasn't much up till now.

Mr VideoGames5222d ago

couldn't of said it better myself.

Rockstar5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

Not all games need online mutiplayer to be good.
In fact, some of (read: most of) the best games ever produced have no online multiplayer and they're better for it.

Shadow Flare5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

its not even worth it anymore

"If Metroid Prime 3 is such a great game, it deserves a 10. I am glad for the Wii, because there wasn't much up till now."

You couldn't say the same for Warhawk when it got a 9.6 could you? Cos ps3 hasnt had much till now. Hypocrite

With metroid you're like 'if the single player is good enough, it deserves a 10 without online'

Yet in the warhawk review you said 'How can a game without single player get a 9.6'

Well maybe the multiplayers good enough!

bym051d5222d ago

Mario 64 and Zelda: TooT are both games worthy of 10s. Neither one is a multiplayer game.

bootsielon5222d ago

I didn't expect more from you. Why don't you use the same eyes you use with Sony on Nintendo? You said "playstation magazine reviews on playstation games don't count". The same doesn't apply to Nintendo?

jadura4505222d ago

I think I'm actually going to give theMart a bubble.

Because he's stopped being a Nintendo hater and started being a gamer.

vickers5005221d ago

A perfect 10 means nothing in the game can be improved on at all, everything is perfect and it is impossible to make the game any better. Sure, in their own times, mario64 and zelda may have deserved 10's, but for a brand new game in the next generation, that has once had multiplayer (on a handheld nonetheless), then having the next game without any multiplayer is just bs.

The game might be good enough to not care about any multiplayer at all, and it might not, but they shouldnt subtract features they once had in a game before that and expect a higher score, much less a 10, which I dont believe any game deserves.

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BlackIceJoe5222d ago

Re: resistance100 that does suck but the game still will be great none the less.

That being said I am happy to see it get a good score and can't wait to play Metroid Prime 3. I just now need to find a Wii at the store to play this game and other ones too.

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