The 'Super' in Metroid Prime 4

VGChartz's Spencer Manigat: "Should Prime 4 abandon being a Prime franchise authentic game to be a greater Metroid franchise authentic game? As much as I’d love that personally, the answer is probably no. The Metroid Prime brand means something now, and that something isn’t platform adventure. I think it’s fine to criticize it for that, but it’s carved its own path for itself and it’s been 10 years since the last."

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Soulst0rmer1389d ago

Open exploration, secrets, upgrades, puzzles and epic bosses. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, let's just keep this core elements in the game. It's not a shooter at its core, so let's not abandon everything else to make it one.

FallenAngel19841389d ago

With the eponymous Metroid Prime already dead, I don't see how this sub series could continue. It's only being done for brand recognition

Hardiman1388d ago

I'm very glad I got a Switch to go with my Pro! Zelda is awesome and I can't wait till Mario Odyssey! As for Metroid Prime 4 oh just bring it on!