Dragon Age Disappointment

Having just finished the latest and last DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, New England Gamer pipes in with some discussion of the Witch Hunt content, Dragon Age: Origins, and their disappointments with the direction of Dragon Age 2.

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DOOMZ3414d ago

It was very short, answered very few questions & honestly nothing really changes... Save ur cash, not worth it at all....

justpassinggas3414d ago

They're probably going to tie DA:O to DA2 because the way Witch Hunt ended clearly showed that they plan on continuing Morrigan's story as well as the demon-child (that is, if you shacked up with her).

bobcostus3414d ago

I just don't understand. The Mass Effect 2 DLC has been amazing (particularly Lair of the Shadow Broker) but all the Dragon Age has been very lackluster. It's like they aren't even trying on the DA:O DLC. Really sucks, because I like DA:O more than Mass Effect.

Christopher3414d ago

I haven't played the latest, but I've been pretty happy with the other DLC so far. Wouldn't call it lackluster at all.

CrzyFooL3414d ago

Instead of wrapping up the Origins storyline, they have failed. I haven't been let down by BioWare in years and this really pissed me off. All I wanted was a fitting conclusion to Dragon Age: Origins so I could look forward to a new story with Dragon Age II. Instead I got this poor excuse for content.

Liquid_Ocelot3414d ago

I bought DA:O the other day.. Um, I've been planning on getting some of the DLC since I'm enjoying the game A LOT.. The thing is, I keep on hearing people saying 'save your $$$'. Should I save my $$$ and not buy any of the DLC or is there some DLC that's worth the $$$?

Thanks in advance, and please excuse my english.

crck3414d ago

All the dlc is pretty much a rip off in my opinion. At $7 a pop for 1 to 2 hours of gameplay I would recommend you save your money as well. If you finish DOA and want more content go find Awakenings for cheap. At least you get 15 to 20 hours of content for $25 to $30.

Horny Melon3414d ago

I will give credit where credit is do. Dragon Age had a nice art style in a fairly unique world, but outside that it was terrible. It was chock full of character & story cliche's, it was very linear, and the tactics were useless compared to pause and command. Let's not forget the EA DLC cash in, the launch DLC was almost as big as the game. It definitely didn't deserve the hype it received. Oblivion it was not.

CrzyFooL3414d ago

New oblivion conversion is a whole new game. Go play it. German with english subtitles. 50+ hours. theres an article about it on the front page.

Sarevok3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Oblivion is nothing special...

10 monster types,Everyone in the world of oblivion had the same voice actor,no really good boss fights.

Really I wanted to fight a dragon or something huge! never happen.

err...okay maybe more then 10 but you get my point.

sonicsidewinder3414d ago

You speak the truth Bhaal spawn, but the Elder Scrolls were still hell better than Cliché Age.

Sarevok3414d ago

XD tyvm good sir! +bubble