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Top Ten Console Launch Titles

This week’s Sunday Special takes a journey back as early as 1977 to find the Top Ten Console Launch Titles. Do you remember the Atari 2600’s launch (October 1977), or the arrival of SEGA Mega-Drive (October 1988)? And more importantly do you remember the games that were available at launch? This week, Electronic Theatre’s Sunday Special focuses on those games that made a major statement at launch.

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Community4999d ago
Chuk54999d ago

Mario64 better be there.

darkcharizard4999d ago

What about TLoZ: Twilight Princess?? It was released as a Wii launch title, and later for the Gamecube.. and its one of the best games of all time!

ProjectVulcan4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

Would have thought halo to be at least a little higher on the list. Only because its one of the few games i have ever seen that singlehandedly sustained a console. By that i mean Xbox lived on halo for over a year before other exclusive games finally appeared that were worthy of the hardware. Remember, not even the first splinter cell shipped on xbox until over a year after halo. No one even mentioned other Xbox only games for a while except to say, have you played halo? You should....

Without halo the original xbox almost certainly would have died a swift death inside the first 18 months against a rampaging PS2 that had just hit its stride with GTA3 and GT3.

Never underestimate how important that sole game had on the survival of xbox and thus its lineage to 360 today.

Chuk54999d ago

Disagrees. Really? Mario64 wasnt a good launch title? This site is pretty unpreddictable

sayonara894999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

Good list. PS2 had the worst launch line-up ever, but it's the best console of all time.

lowcarb4999d ago

How in the heck was PS2 the best console of all time? The best selling yes but best console not even close unless of course you started gaming with it or that's all you know like most ps3 fans.

callahan094999d ago

Why isn't it the best? I'm not saying it is, but why are you so ardent about it NOT being the best? It could be the best. If it's not then I'd probably go PS3/360, but it's not like saying the PS2 is the best is some outlandish, outrageous, ridiculous comment that makes no sense. The game has a hulking, massive library of games and many of the best games of all time.

SexyPrawns4999d ago

Most people would say the PS2 is the best.

It has more games in more genres than any system in history. The RPG's alone warrant "best system ever".

4999d ago
handheldwars4999d ago

PS2 is the best selling console of all time.

NES is the best console of all time.

All the 12yr olds out there can disagree all they want, its not going to change anything.

lowcarb4999d ago

"Why isn't it the best?" Because it did not have anywhere near the best launch titles ever.

"I'm not saying it is, but why are you so ardent about it NOT being the best?" Because it's not. That's why.

"The game has a hulking, massive library of games and many of the best games of all time."

Yeah a massive pile of crap titles with some good mixed in. The same goes for every console.

wicko4999d ago

Oh no, someone doesn't think YOUR favourite console is the best? They think a previous gen Sony console is the best? They must by PS3 fanboys.

I mean, how could anyone's opinion differ so much from your own, when yours is clearly the correct opinion?

SexyPrawns4999d ago

Shadow of the Colossus
Persona series
Devil May Cry 1 - 3
Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Final Fantasy X
Jak & Daxter, Jak 2, and Jak 3
Sly Cooper 1 - 3
Ratchet & Clank (all)
Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2
Silent Hill 2 and 3
Fatal Frame 1 - 3

Do you want me to keep going?

I have owned an NES and SNES since launch too. PS2 is my favorite.

tinybigman4999d ago

since the atari days and for me personally its

1 PS2
4 Genesis
5 Gamecube/xbox

i will not put the current consoles on my list until the next generation starts and we all the games that have released during the current one.

mrcash4999d ago

ps2 had soooo much variety it was simply the best.

Death4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

From a purely gaming point, the PS2 would probably be the best console of all time. With it's massive console sales, huge and diverse game library and incredible lifespan it is hard to argue against it. It's not my favorite console and others have innovated in their own way, but it's success can't be denied.

The NES is important since it brought gaming back after the crash and burn Atari made.

The Dreamcast brought online gaming to consoles and had a great library of games that still look good today, but it's life was short lived.

The Xbox helped define online and brought it to the masses. The 360 has taken it one step further and helped make the PS3 a better machine.

The original Playstation opened up gaming to a much broader audience. With this console, gaming wasn't just for the "hardcore". Nerds everywhere could rejoice since girls no longer thought of gaming as just for nerds. (unless it's gaming with dice, that's still nerdsclusive).

I could go on, but as you can see all console bring something to the table. We all have our own favorites for our own reasons, but if I had to pick one the PS2 or even PS1 would have to be on top.


tinybigman4999d ago

someone here seems to think i owe my allegiance to nintendo or something. i base my favorite console on which had the most great games that i love, and that was the PS2. i if this hurt someone feelings too bad.

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SexyPrawns4999d ago

Note: Motorstorm was a launch title only in Europe.

We early American adopters were playing R:FOM for three and a half months before we got this bad boy.

Chug4999d ago

And those 3 1/2 months were great :)

crzyjackbauer4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

wow i didint knew that uk didint get resistance on launch
resistance was the game to have when you got a ps3 over here in the US
i still love it
shame resistance 2 was not as good

Ocelot5254999d ago

I got resistance on launch here in europe

callahan094999d ago

Definitely would have put Mario 64 at number one. Would have put Twilight Princess for Wii on instead of Wii Sports. Would have put Resistance on instead of MotorStorm, would have put Halo 1 higher on the list, propbably number 2, would have definitely put on Soul Calibur (where the hell is it!?!?). Etc. I thought this list would be pretty straightforward and would be tough to neglect the stand-outs and so forth, and yet somehow they managed to completely screw it up in my opinion haha.

gillri4999d ago

Ive been gaming for 20 years and the SNES IMO is the best of all time

then the Ps2