Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - Wii to 360/PS3 graphics comparison

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - Wii to 360/PS3 graphics comparison

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Shoko3971d ago

The point of this is.....?

Agent-863971d ago

To show us what we already know: Wii has SD resolution and doesn't look as good compared to the 360 or PS3.

stragomccloud3971d ago

It's looks pretty similar though considering. Spiderman 2099 looks way better though in the HD versions. Still, good effort. Wish more developers tried that hard on the Wii.

AWBrawler3970d ago

actually the wii's brighter colors look better on Spider-man

Cratos87803971d ago

Wii fanboys are such hypocrites.

so it's OK to compare Wii hardware sales and games sales to PS3/360's (even though Wii is last-gen like Playstation Two) but it's not OK to compare Wii graphics to PS3/360 graphics? LOL.

Shoko3970d ago

Lol, I've never actually what you're talking about. I've yet to see a Wii fanboy talk about sales. Some did way back then, when the Wii first passed up the 360, but there's no point of a Wii fanboy talking about sales because it's such an obviously known fact that it's ahead by a long shot. I have the feeling that you just HAD to try to make something up to get on the Wii fanbase lol.

stragomccloud3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Agreed on the being ok to compare graphics. But, you need to get your facts strait. Wii is current generation. It may just be a drop in the bucket compared to PS360, however, it's still capable of all the same graphical bells and whistles(graphical texture/lighting effects), just with significantly lower resolution, polygon count, and texture complexity. It is a totally all together different beast than a PS2. It's at least 5X more powerful than a PS2. Although, because of multiplatform development between PS2 and Wii, a lot of Wii games have suffered in the graphics department. A good example for comparison would be a PS3 exclusive vs a 360 exclusive. The PS3 exclusies generally look better. Then compare that with a multiplatform title like Call of Duty 4. Not quite as impressive, but impressive enough. Just not quite the quality of a game like UC2 or GOW3.

ZeroX98763971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

this kind of games is exactly why gamers should be proud to own a 360 and ps3!!! with all the money fans are investing in their consoles, at least it should be decent graphics, not the same old hardware revamped in a new box with motion control addon. Don't treat me like a fanboy too fast, I do own a wii, a 360, ps3, ds, psp and many other consoles. I'm just not happy with what nintendo gave us this generation.

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aceofspades3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

yea ps3 won this. it has more detail to me, anyone els notice that?

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