Brian Wood, Everyday Hero

What is a hero?

It’s a question where its answer has no set definition, at least not in terms of when, where and why some people become what we call heroes.

Brian Wood of Relic Entertainment is a hero. That is a straight fact. A hero. No less.

His very last act, was an act of pure undisputed heroism. No hesitation, just brave and bold reaction to save someone elses life, giving his own in the process. Yes, he gave his life. He did not lose it, he gave it, so that others may continue to live.

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HyperBear3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Its hard to see a fellow Vancouver-born Game Designer be murdered and have his life taken away.

May I suggest/proclaim to staff and moderators, that the N4G PAX Swag Giveaway should be put on eBay to auction off; with most, preferably all, of the proceeds going to his wife and soon-to-be-born baby?

Please agree if you feel this is the right thing to do.


P.S. - If anyone of you feel like giving the family some charitable money, you can do so at

Ca9ine3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

That is the most intelligent and good hearted thing I've ever read on ever.
An eBay action for the N4G PAX Swag Giveaway is a wonderful idea.

By that comment, sir, you have earned my total respect.

Cat3420d ago

This is a very kind idea, but as it comes after we've announced the contest for our members it wouldn't be very fair to rescind the offer and tell them they have to pay for it! It wouldn't be right for me to call "take backs". :)

Of course, the link to the trust is a welcome one. Perhaps you would like to organize something where members can donate swag for a charity auction?

Manac0R3420d ago

If you could setup a collection. We as a gaming community lost a true shining example of a 'hero'. I belive this would give us a chance to give something back and, regardless of profession this was a man who understood family, to be a Husband and to be a Father and embodied all in his sacrafice.

Rest in peace and may your tragic events remind and inspire others to remember there are moments that transcend our own selfish needs and desires.


3420d ago