Amazon details U.S. Playstation Store Update for September 14th

Examiner: Amazon has revealed several new products that will become available for purchase when the U.S Playstation Store updates on Tuesday, September 14th.

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Electronicpart4052d ago

ow right I forgot apple has it and they don't want to share

rdgneoz34052d ago

PSN is still getting it, just not the US. Hell, you can just go and make an account with another region for it if you truly want it. I have a Euro and Jap account for some of the demos and free stuff on them (got like4 or 5 free dynamic themes that way).

hay4052d ago

Yeah, true, but not sure about buying stuff. I can't lately buy a thing from US store with European card.

Hellas134052d ago

Buy a US/eu psn store card from ebay or amazon or ....

hay4051d ago

@Hellas13: Yeah, probably this is the only way now. Few months back I used to buy with my credit card without any problems.

frankymv4052d ago

flight control is so good.

Cerberus21254052d ago

yes it is,I just wish they would had given it the HD treatment.

fooltheman4052d ago

it is hd...*sigh*
just the same style of graphics

Gray-Fox4052d ago

Umm... get your facts straight. FireMint Studios (Australian Devs) can do what they want with their games. It's coming to Windows Phone Mobile 7 (Or whatever it's called) too.... And the reason why it isn't coming to USA is because of 9/11.

PopEmUp4052d ago

does this game make you crash into a building?

SprSynJn4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

You should take your own "advice" before critiquing others posts.

kasasensei4052d ago

"And the reason why it isn't coming to USA is because of 9/11."

BLuKhaos4052d ago

Soviet Strike? I used to love that game back on the PS1!

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Paradise Lost4052d ago

WOW Soviet Strike! Haven't played that game in ages.

Ares84PS34052d ago

Next they should release Nuclear Strike. Amazing games.
I wish they would release more PS1 classics. PS1 had more original games and much more variety than todays games. They where much more "magical" to me back than.

kasasensei4052d ago

Or you are just nostalgic? :p

BLuKhaos4051d ago

Nuclear Strike is already available, I bought it last oct.

Kappa Mikey4052d ago

Yes finally a protoman avatar!!!

ddurand14052d ago

still no blacklight tango down. wtf

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The story is too old to be commented.